Invincible: How To Act Like God 101

If you really wanna do what I do, you have to be prepared for anything. No one is gonna pull their punches. ~Nolan Grayson

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building on fire while man flying to rescue people

Invincible has gained quite the popularity as it consists of gore and guts along with great story-telling.

This may be due to how it takes is a powerful man with an overwhelming sense of self-confidence to make a great antagonistic character.

However, what it also displays is how successful Omni-man was until he revealed his true colors.

The viltrumite managed to have the biggest presence on screen due to his dominating nature in a world full of superheroes.

Naturally, his belief that he is the strongest and the most righteous has everything that pushed him to his near-god complex.

Here are a few notes that make Nolan one of the strongest characters in the Invincible when it comes to mentality.

Be independent

The one thing that made Omni-man one of the more respected heroes in the world is due to him always acting solo.

The man has never shied away from aiding teams of heroes, however, he has never been part of one himself.

Omni-man even goes to the lengths of having an entire year's worth of missions on his own if necessary as we have seen in the series when he aims to destroy the entire alien species from the Flaxan dimension all by himself.

Acting independently has greatly aided in generating Nolan's godly narcissistic personality as it pushes him to motivate himself for his goals rather than relying on anyone else to complete a mission.

Be proactive

Another great tip for acting like a God is being proactive.

Being proactive has always made characters better as it makes them control the story rather than the other way around.

Stop wasting time on elements to react to each other before the next move.

Nolan was always proactive throughout Invincible, especially when it came to his mission of conquering Earth.

As soon as Nolan realized that his son has viltrumite blood flowing in his veins, he made sure to eliminate the closest possible threats to his mission by killing off all the members of the Guardians Of The Globe.

Never doubt yourself

One mistake that always manages to seperate man from God is the assurance of whether his/her actions is right or wrong.

To a God, all actions are right. No matter how much damage or consequence there could be from it.

To be confident in this regard, one must always think more than twice before choosing their course of action in order to live a life without regrets.

Omni-man would not hesitate for a second once he has made a decision.

Whether that be taking on the mission to conquer Earth over the years or to kill his own son, his decision-making skills may not be the best but the confidence that he gains once he has made a choice is unbreakable.

Know how to teach

One last essential element of being a God is to know how to teach.

Omni-man is no exception to this rule as he managed to teach Mark how to fly and fight in the air.

However, that does not mean your subjects are above if they have mastered a lesson as it does not take a second for Nolan to show Mark his place by punching him harder and harder in order to set the roles straight.

Godliness is a tough job, especially when it comes to teaching your followers/subjects how to perform their roles dutifully under your command.

It is best to keep in mind that Gods mainly exist to aid others as they are the creators of the game, therefore, it is a natural duty to give tutorials for the newcomers.