How is ‘Remarriage & Desires’ Different from other Kdramas?

What is the Plot of ‘Remarriage & Desires’? What happened to Seo Hye Seung? Why is Jin Yoon Hui scared of Seo Hye Seung?

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All hail Netflix and South Korea for yet again another fast-paced and exciting Korean drama. Remarriage & Desires recently aired on Netflix leaving you with a bittersweet aftertaste. Queen Kim Hee Seon is back again with another hit Kdrama in 2022.

Quite a coincidence for Kim Hee Seon to star in Tomorrow (Netflix Kdrama) and Remarriage & Desires both well-chosen projects to show her acting abilities. Another highlight is the return of the actor Lee Hyun Wook, the infamous Min’s Han Ji Young.

Lee Hyun Wook’s charming character, Lee Hyung Ju has a central role as the character is set to win everyone’s heart and desire (quite literally). How is the new Netflix series different from other Korean dramas we ask, well there’s the classic revenge element but with a twist! Let’s explore what makes ‘Remarriage & Desires’ quite appealing.

What is the Plot of ‘Remarriage & Desires’?

The very first scene of the show was quite spooky and shocking. The main female character Seo Hye Seung is defined as a typically gullible family-loving husband worshipper.  

Seo Hye Seung’s life went upside down when her so-called cheating husband was practically honey trapped and blamed for money laundering or embezzlement. On top of that, mistress Jin Yoon Hui blamed Kang Nam Shik for assault and molestation.

Well to top it up, it feels weird how a learned and educated lawyer can be so gullible against women and willing to leave his family and child. Well done, no Sherlock powers required but the sad guy had it coming.

Can’t say it was warranted or that he deserves ruins but the next move was quite lethal but only for the family.  Kang Nam Shik couldn’t deal with the accusations and deflation and on top of that caused his family, and his money to be taken away by the loan sharks/office.

Well, debt does that to you. The cost of honey trapping and adultery was quite expensive for him. Feeling the unfairness of the situation Mr emotionally exhausted husband decided to bid his life goodbye and commit suicide.

Worst of all, he left his wife Seo Hye Seung pretty much with trauma, guilt and a heavy burden of debt.

What happened to Seo Hye Seung?

That’s life for Seo Hye Seung as she came to terms with everything. Even her anger and lack of proof of her husband’s actions weren’t enough to redeem his faulty character or what was left.

Life is full of troubles and hardship when Seo Hye Seung’s paths crossed again with Jin Yoon Hui. Got to give some credit to the actress Jung Euguene for her acting to make us truly hate the character.

Jin Yoon Hui cares only about money and wants to secure a bright future with a loaded man. Some life goals for an accomplished lawyer who never shies away to use her looks, charm and skills.  Nope, please don’t take notes!

Anyhow,  Seo Hye Seung’s mom signed her up at a wedding agency called Rex which is no less than a bidding action for getting the best spouse materials; the only terms and conditions are a rich hierarchy of class division and money. ‘Coz money makes the world go round!

Why is Jin Yoon Hui scared of Seo Hye Seung?

The only threat and a potential roadblock to Jin Yoon Hui’s grand plans are none other than Seo Hye Seung. No matter how much Jin Yoon Hui denies it, the real truth is she is a gold differ, embezzler, seducer and home wrecker.

The only person who can ruin her marriage plans with a wealthy goose is Seo Hye Seung, and she’s right to be scared of her. The scene when Seo Hye Seung taunts her back about holding the leash was amazing.

Totally buzzworthy and replay-worthy scene.  Now, where do the male leads come in the story you wonder. Well, for starters, Jin Yoon Hui's ultimate plan is to trap/marry the successful conglomerate in the gaming industry, Lee Hyung Ju. He is previously married with a kid, but his mom wants to get him settled again just to get back at the ex. Way to go Mum!

The conflicted Trio/Quad!

Somehow, three people are entangled with each other. Both Seo Hye Seung and Jin Yoon Hui are practically nemeses, both want to get rid of each other. The other male lead Cha Seok Jin is Seo Hye Seung’s ex-boyfriend.

They have their own history and apparently, he left her without dropping a notice. Seriously what is wrong with the characters? Wonder, if there is a single sane character in ‘Remarriage & Desire’.

Moving on, Park Hoon was quite a killer in the role of  Cha Seok Jin, he slays the role! Cha Seok Jin is acquainted with the owner of Rex, Choi Yoo Sun who has her own agenda. She’s as cunny and sly as one can be.

Where does that leave Lee Hyung Ju on the marriage board? Quite funny how Jin Yoon Hui showed no interest in him at the masquerade party while showering her affections on Cha Seok Jin. Seo Hye Seung wanted to unmask Jin Yoon Hui's real face but that shall have to wait.

Overall, this season Remarriage & Desires is a must-watch Netflix Kdrama. Do check out the drama to see how the revenge unfolds. It would be quite amusing to see how the female leads are trying to compete against each other while the male leads are still amicable!

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