How new Anime fans can use Reddit for their hobby

Redditors are excellent at everything!

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Newer anime fans often find it hard to keep up with their anime schedules, manga plots, and whatnot when starting out.

More so if you are a working adult with responsibilities- catching that 4 a.m. release on a Monday may not look as feasible as it did in college.

Reddit can help with that.


r/anime is a great place to keep track of new releases, as well as to keep track of new seasons of older anime.

The r/anime wiki is also a great place to find new resources for watching/ finding new anime.

There is a pinned daily discussion thread that is excellent for anime recommendations and discussion.

This thread sees a decent amount of activity daily.


r/Animesuggest has to be one of the best resources on anime/manga recommendations out there.

With readily available recommendation charts and weekly threads, you will find a new anime-verse to obsess over every time you are done with an older one.

Asking for recommendations based on your preferences is also welcome, and you are bound to receive relevant replies in a few hours.

Redditors are excellent at recommendations!


r/manga posts new releases every day and is a great way to keep track of your ongoing manga as well as find something new to read.

As with r/anime, they have an excellent wiki and a generally helpful user base.

While these are subreddits all weebs can use, some subreddits are a bit more specific to requirements.

There are anime-specific and manga-specific subreddits for almost all anime/manga which have been read by more than a few thousand people.


r/Naruto, for example, has a million members and is a great place to find fellow fans and discuss the awesome show with them.

There is also lots of fan-made content like music videos and fanart on these subreddits, so be sure to check them out!


r/EliteWeebs is a great place for quality anime memes if you are bored of the regular trite on most meme websites and subreddits.


r/AnimeART can be used to find the best quality fan-made anime music, fanart, comic strips and much more!

Don't be afraid to check out more and more of these subreddits- there are plenty out there to explore, and some of even the old ones have some really good content!