How Living With Yourself Tells A Perfect Lesson On Self-love

What if you cloned yourself? Would you be able to live with another version of yourself?

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Self-love 101: Love yourself, not your clone.

A Netflix series filled with humor, reality checks, and Paul Rudd.

The series is a philosophical question turned into a modern-day gritty comedy: What if you cloned yourself? Would you be able to live with another version of yourself?

There are quite a few surprising life lessons the audience can pick up from the series as Paul Rudd plays himself to his absolute worst and best at the same time.

Apparently living with yourself isn't what it's all expected to be as Miles Elliot finds himself in the odd situation of living with a clone of himself.

The flaws define you just as much as your achievements

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As the series focuses on the concept of Living with Yourself, one may ask the question as to how does one get told apart from the other. How would you know who is the original?

The series answers this by having the clone be a "perfect" version of the original person. Due to this slight change, we see Miles Elliot as the shaggy, lazy, and pessimistic one while his clone can be seen as energetic, fit, proactive, and optimistic. This leads the audience to believe that Miles's clone is the better version of him.

The reason Miles Elliot still exists in the show is that seeing yourself as the lesser is never the case when comparing yourself, even if it is your clone.

It is the flaws that make up the person, not just the achievements.

As much as one would want to be defined only by their positive self, it is the imperfections and flaws that separate you from another person as well.

Pace how you work on yourself (Breaks are allowed, not vacations)

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In the series, we know that Miles Elliot was attempting to write a book for quite some time.

This was one of the ways he probably saw himself bettering a skill of his and in turn, becoming better in general.

When his clone entered the picture, the tone and story of the half-abandoned draft of his book was completely changed as Miles Elliot's clone had different ideas for the story, after all, his clone is an optimist.

This shows us that Miles Elliot was trying to improve himself but gave up halfway. This may be due to him burning out his creativity or his enthusiasm for writing.

It happens if one attempts to improve themselves in a rapid or intense manner, it may seem better initially but it is scheduling and patience that make the person stick through their phases of improvement.

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Be grateful to the people and things that are helping you

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Be grateful to the people that want to see you grow and improve.

They stick around for all the mess you make in the hopes that one day you will pick up on that slack.

Having a parent, friend, or in this case, wife, have your back no matter what is a true blessing.

Miles Elliot learns this the hard way as he never appreciated the pains his wife went through to live with him.

The moment of clarity finally started to hit our main character only when a perfect clone of him started to take over his life more and more.

Not just in his professional life but also in his personal one.

Forcing positivity only leads to spiraling downwards faster

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Self-love means accepting your state as it is at the moment. It requires you to love yourself at the lowest and highest.

It is knowing that every emotion of yours is just as valid as being happy. It is only when one actually starts to embrace that side of themself, that starts the road to self-love.

It is not easy to force a smile on your face when you're already feeling down, that is your mind and body pleading with you to let your inner feelings be expressed in some form or the other.

It is much easier and healthier for you to embrace what you are feeling in the moment as it leads you to have a much clearer mind whenever a task is at hand.