How Kugisaki Nobara is an iconic woman

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character fighting while being affected by a cursed spirit's posion

Jujutsu Kaisen takes a sharp turn in situations and events that excites its readers and viewers to a new level.

When the character Kugisaki Nobara is introduced in the third episode, readers immediately get hooked to unveil her past and what made her join Jujutsu tech.

Her introduction to the boys, Itadori and Fushiguro was the first instance where viewers are acquainted with her confident, radiant self with a lot of energy and a belief in oneself that empowers its viewers.

Kugisaki Nobara is a girl from the village who got a chance to come to Tokyo to study at Jujutsu Tech, to become a sorcerer, and to flaunt her skills.

Her influence in the plot

With the fun and mildly growing friendship between Fushiguro and Itadori, Nobara is s very essential addition to make a dynamic duo.

Nobara is a free, independent woman who speaks her mind and does not cower when her right is violated.

She gets along with everyone with a hint of bossiness in her demeanor which is all the more attractive when she converses with fun and quirky anger.

The readers see lively energy being injected into the relationship of those three as they take on missions together, caring about each other and making fun all the same.

With Nobara's crazy combat skills and Jujutsu curse usage, the viewers are immediately attracted to her personality which is an outgoing dominant one with the essential aspect of self-respect and belief in her.

Nobara in battle

a women using her hammer in the fight against cursed spirits

There are many stances where she is thrown at the face of adversity, having only herself to deal with it, be it against a curse, or Mai Zenin.

In the episode of the Cursed womb, she faces some masked curses with humor in her tone as she runs out of pins to fight with her signature style of fighting.

Even when Fushiguro saves her with his Gama, his frog catches her, she says, "you know, I hate frogs".

These quirks make her an entertaining addition to the series.

Her character becomes a perfect mood for comedic elements that brings out the funny side of other characters, while the three of them banter with each other.

Her ideals

Despite her quirks and perks, the viewers, from the first time of her appearance are introduced to her soft weakness towards someone she calls, "Saori-chan", who faced an untimely death due to societal adversities.

She strongly believes that the societal oppression of women should not be an excuse or an obligation for women to accept that oppression and act accordingly.

Her speech while her face off with Nishimiya Momo, the Kyoto exchange student during the event with their sister school, stirs up more admiration for her among the viewers.

Momo suggests that a scar on the face of a man is a badge of honor, while it's a flaw on women.

She believes that women have to live up to the unrealistic expectations of society that are imposed on them.

This narrative poses victimization of the gender which is expressed in Momo.

She says that women have to be cute all the time or else they'll be taken for granted.

To this, Nobara gives a very staunch, empowering reply, that,

"What makes us obligated to meet such perfection or such absurd standards?"

She says how her being a woman should not impose a different set of ideas for her to abide by.

She can choose to live however she wants to because she has autonomy over her body and life.

She likes to dress up prettily and she likes to fight to give her best to beat her opponent.

That alone has nothing to do with how she should act just because her being a woman does give society a free pass to impose their oppressive ideals.

She stands up to Momo who demeans Yuji just because he is known as the Sukuna's vessel, saying, "

Why don't you try thinking with that mind of yours, who takes curses for friends?"

Nobara gets fired up, thinking how the judgment of the outer identity of Yuji led them to condemn him without even considering Yuji as a person.

Nobara as an inspiration

character during the battle

Every characteristic aspect of Kugisaki Nobara is praiseworthy, the way she converses, the way she gets clueless and quarrels just for fun, and the way she treats her friends and those who she respects.

One such example is how Nobara tried to put Maki Zenin higher in rank so she devised a plan for her benefit with Yuji and Panda, while Maki heard everything.

While getting ready for the battle, she says,

"For Maki-san's sake too".

Her appreciation, anger, fighting spirit, revengeful intent in battle, friendship with others, being the fun, the crazy friend who makes her friends carry heavy bags and threatens them that if anything fall, they'd die, her entire character is dynamic and empowering for the viewers and the readers of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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