Again My Life Kdrama | How did Kim Hee Woo Reset his Life?

Can Kim Hee Woo Save his Parents? How did Kim Hee Woo change the future? What other changes did Kim Hee Woo make?

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The weekend Korean drama Again My Life airing on SBS introduced fans to Kim Hee Woo. Again My Life Kdrama did what most animes do, time reset or going back and reliving life.

In that aspect, Kim Hee Woo, a famous prosector was trying to bring down a corrupt businessman Cho Tae Seob. Unfortunately, all was lost when Kim Hee Woo died.

Feels unbelievable but life gave Kim Hee Woo a second chance to relive his life. Now that the Angel of Death aka Red Dressed Grim Reaper undid his life, Kim Hee Woo was transported like 10 years before in the timeline.

After going back in time, How did Kim Hee Woo Reset his Life? Kim Hee Woo has knowledge of the past, present, and future, how will his actions change everything?

Back to the Past!

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Kim Hee Woo woke up in his past at his part-time job. He was surprised and caught off guard when he met the customer who is none other than Kim Han Mi, a reporter in the future.

Kim Hee Woo was pretty shocked as he realized he went back in time. He was scared and sad thinking that his parent might not be alive.

During this time, his parents passed away in an accident and he had a very bitter memory because of a silly fight and rebellious nature.  

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Kim Hee Woo resents himself and is sad about how he behaved immaturely. Back in the past, as Kim Hee Woo broke down in tears, his mom and dad made an appearance. Hurray, Kim Hee Woo’s parents are alive, at least for now.

Shocked, surprised and happy, Kim Hee Woo hugs his parents, and this makes them surprised and quite alarmed at his sudden behavioral change.  Kim Hee Woo realized that he went back to the time of his parent’s accident.

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This gave him time to prepare for it and make sure that he has the chance to save his parents from misfortune. Kim Hee Woo did a complete 180-degree change in behavior and started treating his parents better.

This does give viewers an important lesson to never take things for granted, especially our parents. We should cherish them because life can be short and extremely unpredictable.

One moment you have it all, and the very next, life can rob you blind from everything.  Thanks, Kim Hee Woo for teaching us.

Can Kim Hee Woo Save his Parents?

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The real question and problem begins when Kim Hee Woo’s time started getting short. Kim Hee Woo needs a way to protect his parents from misfortune. Kim Hee Woo visited his parents before they got into the accident. He was anxious and remained alert.

Kim Hee Woo was trying his best, but can he change the past, and present which can implicate his future. The destined time came and so did the car which caused the accident. Thankfully, this time Kim Hee Woo saved his parents but there's a catch.

How did Kim Hee Woo change the future?

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Kim Hee Woo saved his parents, but the driver of the car passed away. There’s more shocking news awaiting. The driver was drunk and it was someone whom Kim Hee Woo had met in his past.

The driver was none other than Cho Tae Seob’s son (Cho Hyun Seok) who shamelessly talked to Kim Hee Woo when they met and asked about his parents.

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That’s not all, Cho Tae Seob doesn’t look sad or worried even after his son is dead.

It actually looked like Cho Tae Seob was relieved. It makes perfect sense why Kim Hee Woo never figured out who the killer was and the person responsible for the hit-and-run case.  

Why of course, Cho Tae Seob cleaned after his son’s mess. No wonder both Kim Hee Woo and Cho Tae Seob had an ill-fated relationship that goes way back a decade.

What other changes did Kim Hee Woo make?

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Kim Hee Woo enrolled in coaching classes (Not sure exactly, but it looked like something students preparing for entrance exams would do). He met Kim Han Mi again who was digging the punk and bad girl image with perfection.

It was funny to see Kim Hee Woo impart his words of wisdom and told Kim Han Mi to study for a bright future. Kim Hee Woo was dedicated to clearing his college exams in one try this time.

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In the mock test, Kim Hee Woo beat the top scorers for Hankuk University class and created history as he was one of the low-rank students in the class. Kim Hee Woo’s path intersected with Kim Kyu Ri as he saved her on time.

In his previous life, Kim Kyu Ri was studying for bar exams, but she collapsed and eventually she gave up. He never encountered her name in the law field. As he saved her, he changed the future.

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There was one more person who Kim Hee Woo helped. Kim Han Mi was going to become a target of bullies including Im Jong Il. They planned to drug Kim Han Mi and exploit her, but thanks to Kim Hee Woo, this was averted.

It was satisfying to see Kim Hee Woo beat the hell out of these criminals. The funny thing was Kingsman movie reference “Manners maketh men” used by Kim Hee Woo.

Yep, the movie wasn’t released then, but it was cool to see Kim Hee Woo say them as if it was the actor (Lee Joon Gi) himself saying, not his character.

The fight scenes were quite satisfying. When all the parties ended up at the police station, it was quite shocking and even more interesting to see Prosecutor Kim Seok Hoon, Kim Hee Woo’s previous boss make an appearance.  

Kim Seok Hoon gave a tight slap to Im Jong Il and made him come back to his senses. Why did he do that is quite a mystery.

Kim Hee Woo’s Internship at KMS Law Firm

Thanks to his teacher, Kim Hee Woo interned and worked as a cleric at KMS Law Firm. The lawyers especially, Lawyer Kang Min Seok were going head to head against the Cheonha group (Cho Tae Seob). Previously, the lawsuit went on for five years, but thanks to Kim Hee Woo, the lawsuit will end pretty soon.

Entry to Law School

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Kim Hee Woo cleared the entrance exams and entered his choice of law school. He met two new people whom he never encountered in his previous life.

The first person was Lee Min Soo, a freshman yet Sunbae who is a man with many trades. The second one is Kim Hee A, whom he saved. Kim Hee Woo never met them and it’s difficult to say how these two people will change his future.

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