Arte: How Arte Helped Katarina?

How did the opportunity come to her?

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Arte and Katarina

After been doing many artworks and a hard-working assistant, Arte was looking out for great and big opportunities in her life. Arte was living with Leo and was learning art under his teaching and instructions.

How did the opportunity come to her?

A Venetian nobleman, Yuri Falier came to Florence for a visit and to meet Fresco, also a place where all the apprentices were working. Yuri was one of the finest men from Venice and lived there with his brother and sister-in-law and, he has a niece named Katarina.

When Yuri was visiting Florence, he saw sketches made by most of the apprentices who were working at the palace. A soft sketch of firm hands caught his eyes and asked for the person who drew them and it surprised him that it was made by a female apprentice.

Later, when he went to Veronica's, he saw a portrait of her made by Arte, a female apprentice, and, since then he wanted to meet her. Later, when Yuri saw her at the city hall with her friend, he pleasantly introduced himself.

He went to her atelier, where she was learning under Leo. Yuri then introduced his offer for Arte as a home tutor for his niece and a family painter. This offer shocked Arte because getting this big of a job offer so soon was just like a fat chance to improve her skills and get independent.

How did Arte accepted Yuri's job offer?

mc accepting the job offer

After the job offer has been placed in front of her, she was confused as to what to do. When Leo asked her about her decision, Arte said it was sure a big job offer and that too, came very soon.

Leo said to her that getting a job like this with such impressive skills would have many opportunities in one's life as a painter.

Hearing this Arte decided to reject Yuri's job offer. Yuri, after listening to her decision he told her that she can come to him at any time as his door would be open for her at any time.

One day when she was coming back to the atelier, she was asked by a woman about a man who lives alone and owns a small atelier. When Arte found out that the man, the lady, named Ruthanna was asking about was no one but Leo.

Ruthanna is the only daughter of Leo's late master. She was being married to her husband and after she got pregnant, her husband died of an epidemic.

Rothanna and Leo

Since then, her In-laws were refusing to give back her dowry. Back in the renaissance era when a woman becomes a widow, her dowry was supposed to be returned to that woman.

But, Ruthanna's in-laws were not doing so and called a money hunger. Even though she was pregnant with a child, her in-laws did not think of her and warned her to not come back.

While this was happening, Arte was happened to be there. After getting full knowledge regarding Ruthanna's situation, Arte went to Veronica for advice and help, though she could not do any help regarding it.

Veronica suggested she meet any nobleman who can help her. Then, Arte thought of Yuri and asked for his help in return she agreed to his job offer, which she bargained for only half a year.

Ruthanna and Arte

Arte was successful in helping Ruthanna and for that, she was been thanked by Leo as well. Arte told Leo that she has accepted the job offer and Leo respected her decision.

While departing Leo told Arte if her decision would change to never coming back to Florence would be fine, but he would always accept her as his apprentice. After that, she took to Venice and after a long journey, Arte and Yuri reached Venice.

Meeting Katarina and her attitude

Katarina's real behavior

After the long journey, Yuri asked Arte to stay at his place for two to three days while her room was being cleaned. There Arte read about Venice's etiquettes and appearance.

mc travelling in Venice

In Feliar's house, Arte met with Sofia and Katarina where she introduces herself with nobility. There she met Katarina who was seemed shy and a quiet girl in front of her parents and Yuri. The instant Arte and Katarina were left alone, Katarina reveals her true behaviors that are rude, snobbish, and lazy brat.

Arte was unfamiliar as to what and how would she help Katarina to teach etiquettes and other manners. Katarina was too stubborn and quick-witted as whatever that comes to her mind, she just openly tell Arte.

Katarina being irritated by Arte's chattering showed her that she has known all the steps and rules of nobility and etiquettes. Getting to know this, Arte gets curious as to why Katarina hides from her parents about her knowledge.

Reason for Katarina to behave arrogantly


After getting to know a little about Katarina but enough to help her, Arte gets curious about her behavior and the reason behind it.

Arte tries to get friendly with Katarina during her class, but again Katarina was trying to take a nap when Arte hold her and put her on the chair and asked her for the reason, but she kept saying there's no particular reason behind why she is behaving like this.

One day, Arte asked Daphne, a maid to get her an old piece of clothing. Arte made a dress out of that clothing for Katarina, as she wanted her to go outside and play with her. After the game was been introduced to Katarina they both played it well for a quite long time.

While resting, Arte complimented her that Katarina was good in the game, and she replied that she played it before in the house she was brought up.

Arte was then trying to get the answer from her about the behavior, but she only ended up saying the same thing, with no particular reason behind her behavior.

Arte was curious as to maybe something could have happened there while Katarina was being brought up in that house. Arte asked Leo about it and gets to know about Bouna and Gimo who were like Katarina's other family whom she believed to be real.

But soon after when Katarina turned two, Bouna died of an illness and then she was being brought back to Venice, where she belonged.

Katarina knew that being a female and that too belongs to a noble family would only make her a burden to his father. Her father was not interested in his daughter as she was a female and believed she would only going to cost him more for her marriage dowry.

Did Arte able to befriend Katarina?

Katarina being friendly with the main character

One night when Arte came to Katarina's room and knocked and asked if she was sleeping and heard the sound of Katarina's falling. There Art saw her reading cooking books and found her interest in cooking.

The next day when Katarina was coming from Yuri's house, she saw her parents both standing. She got scared whether if Arte could have told them about last night.

Arte did not tell them and said that her job is to teach her etiquettes and paint portraits.

female character peeking on the mc

Katarina soon became fond of her and her determination. Arte told her about her struggles being a woman painter and the decisions she made to pursue her dreams. That made Katarina wonder that Arte's an interesting woman and asked her to show her sketches.

Soon they both befriended each other and Katarina told Arte her reason behind why she behaves that way. Arte suggested she go meet Gimo and when they went there, Gimo asked Katarina to not come here again.

He told her to accept her birth and move on. After their conversation, she thanked her and said that now she's fine.

Katarina meeting Gimo

Katarina fell ill and her father decided to dismiss Arte. Katarina barged into the room and greeted her parents with proper etiquettes and asked him not to dismiss Arte. Her mother, Sofia stood for Katarina and then they both hugged each other for the first time.

Arte and her last days in Venice

Arte showing her portrait of Sofia

The time was soon getting over for Arte as her period for her job was soon getting over. In the last days, Arte spent on making and studying paintings for Sofia and Katarina's portraits.

During a visit to an atelier, Arte was being told by a craftsman that being a noblewoman, she is been accepted for such high-class offers. After hearing that, Arte could not think of an answer and just laughed like a fool.

Katarina heard their conversation. And knowing the reason behind why Arte was being very busy.

Katarina worrying about Arte

Arte showed their portraits and was well complimented on her hard work and the amazing job she did. Arte told Yuri that she would not be going to stay here and wanted to go back to Florence.

Arte thanked Katarina for giving her her support and got angry with her. They both were thankful to each other and pleased each other. Arte asked her to become her friend and to write her a lot of letters when she go back.

Arte thanking Katarina

In the end, Katarina helped Arte to accept her birth and the fact that she is a noble family and to respect her value more. The same goes for Katarina, Arte helped her to know her birth and helped her to go through her past.

Arte even helped her mother to get closer to her daughter and even stood up for Katarina in front of her father. Yuri was happy to bring Arte to Venice.

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