Hospital Playlist Season 2 Finale Review: Happy Ending for Everyone

Hospital Playlist Season 2 ends on a positive end. Check out what happens!

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The 12 episode TvN Kdram Hospital Playlist Season finally ends on a positive and hopeful note. Hospital Playlist Season 2 Episode 12 was bittersweet and fans will miss the dramas every week. Thursdays will never be the same again. The gang ended with one final performance and who knows we might even get a season 3 perhaps in the future.

Hospital Playlist Kdrama is a slice of life medical drama about five friends who have been together since their university days. All the characters had their happy moments but the show did give a little bit of heartbreak for fans but it was inevitable.  

Ik Jun and Song Hwa Start Dating

Following the previous episode Hospital Playlist 2 Episode 11, Song Hwa mustered her courage and finally accepted Ik Jun’s confession. The couple started dating and Song Hwa disclosed the news to the gang. The gang was in total disbelief and did not believe at first. Ultimately, the gang accepts the fact but still think of it as Ik Jun and Song Hwa being good friends.

Gyeo Wol and Jeong Won’s Happy Moment

Jeong Won was still concerned about the small bowel surgery he performed and wanted to improve his skills. He decided he will leave for 1 year from Yuljae along with Geyo Wol. The couple had a sweet moment and went out to eat. Gyeo Wol’s mom expressed her desire to meet Jeong Won, which was positively responded by him. This couple had a happy ending in Hospital Playlist Season 2.

Seok Hyeong and Chu Min Ha’s Relationship

Seok Hyeong was aware of his mom’s behaviour and used the US card to break the news to his mom. He disclosed his relationship with Min Ha and informed his mom about his decision to stay back because of her caring girlfriend. Kudos to Seok Hyeong for finally having sweet moments with Chu Min Ha. Seok Hyeong was still a bit shocked about Song Hwa dating Ik Jun but gave his blessings to the couple. He tells Song Hwa about his relation with Min Ha to wish she responds that she’s aware.

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Jae Hak’s Happy Ending

Jae Hak becomes a proud father. His wife safely delivers their firstborn child and was responding well to the chemotherapy. In an unexpected twist, Jae Hak receives a call from the police station. The scammer was caught and they settled. Good news for Jae Hak as he was able to retrieve back his money. The fans were sad when Jae Hak lost everything in Hospital Playlits Season 1.  

Jong Su and Rosa

Jong Su decides to resign from Yuljae Medical and plans a trip with Rosa. They plan and talk about their future. Jong Su says he’s jobless and has no money to which Rosa offers him a place to stay. Jon Sun decides to grant Rosa’s long time wish of visiting El Camino De Santiago trail and visiting the cathedral. An excited Rosa gears up and starts planning for the trip with Jong Su.

Jun wan and Ik Sun’s Future

Jun Wan and Ik Sun broke up due to many reasons and later rekindled their relationship. There’s still a lot of awkwardness but the pair has mutual feelings for each other. Thanks to Ik Jun for playing the cupid more than once to get them to communicate. At the end of Hospital Playlist Season 2 ending Jun Wan visits Ik Sun for the “Jjajjangmyeon” and “Ganjjajang”, yep totally convincing.

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There is a four-month time skip and the gang assembles one last time to admire the beautiful sunset. With this Hospital Playlist Season 2 bids us goodbye. The series is available on Netflix so have fun binging.  

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