Horror Anime has been excellent these few seasons

Horror Anime has been excellent these few seasons

There, I said it. For the past few seasons, horror anime has been nothing but straight fire.

Horror anime fans have been getting spoiled lately. Last year we got Berserk , Made in Abyss and Chainsaw Man. This year, we are getting Dark Gathering and possibly Junji Ito. Also, while not anime, we may be getting a FNAF movie.

Made in Abyss was especially excellent, and the creators did justice to the legendary manga. The horror concepts were explored to their complete extent, and every bit of it felt as unsettling as it did in the manga. The death, brutality and cruelty felt too real and it is apparent now, the kid gloves are off for Made in Abyss. The relatively peaceful and halycon days of the previous seasons are over.

Chainsaw Man, while many may not view it as a traditionally horror anime, still does feel like one. The monsters are unsettling and keep the audience on the edge of their seats till they are finally slain. Many monsters even initially feel invulnerable, adding to the fear factor.

On the topic of invulnerable dangers, it remains an underused concept in horror anime. When explored more , it can actually create and edgy atmosphere, where we do not know how the protagonist is going to proceed out of the situation, if at all. Too many horror anime give the protagonists an equal footing with the horrors they are facing. This is properly utilized in Junji Ito, as while there is no protagonist as such, the horrors are very real and incomprehensible. Nothing seems to hurt them, and any kind of violence only hurts the victims more.

Dark Gathering is also gearing up to be a wonderful new addition to the horror anime scene. With the frightened but mysterious protagonist, and creepy-as-hell spirits, it will be a summer to remember for both the characters and viewers.

While we look forward to more horror anime this season, do comment about any new horror anime you are looking forward to personally! Thanks for reading!