HoriMiya: Who Is Yuki Yoshikawa's Love Interest?

How they started showing affection ?

HoriMiya: Who Is Yuki Yoshikawa's Love Interest?
HoriMiya anime

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HoriMiya has many colorful characters in it. One of the characters, Yuki Yoshikawa has her own love interest. She is one cheerful, happy, and supportive friend of Hori and Ishikawa. Yuki is always there for her friends and helps them whenever they need it. She always looks after her friends and always tries to be of help in many subtle ways. Like the other characters, Yuki also faced a part where she had to be jealous of another girl as she had feelings for a boy that was his best friend. She too faced her hardships and heartbreak but was able to hint her feelings to the person.

How did they started showing affection?

Ishkawa and Yuki 

Since Hori and Miyamura started dating, she and Ishikawa began to spend more time with each other. That brings them closer to each other and sooner they begin to have romantic feelings for each other. They both were unaware of the fact until a boy, Akane Yanagi confessed to Yuki and because of this Yuki asked Ishikawa to pretend to be her boyfriend so she could reject Yanagi’s confession. This act led them to a realization that they both were attracted to each other.

Ishikawa is funny and has a very explosive temper but is a good friend. He is the one who comes with many jokes and makes his friends laugh. Ishikawa is also a supportive friend. He also suffers from two girls: Yuki and Sakura. He had affections for both, but after Yuki ask him to be his fake boyfriend, he soon realized that he has feelings for Yuki more than he had feelings for Sakura. But they both remained silent and did not confess to each other.

How Yuki hid her feelings?

Yuki Yoshikawa

Yuki knew her feelings for Ishikawa and he didn’t know about it. Before the fake relationship, she knew that he had feelings for Sakura and this made her downhearted still that did not stop her to remain as his best friend and as they always were. When Sakura confesses to Ishikawa, that made Yuki very depressed and she started feeling down. She thought that Ishikawa would accept her and then they both would start dating. Just when Yuki decided to get off from this, Ishikawa told her that he would reject her and that he wants to continue being with her as always. Yuki worries a lot and she is one shy girl that often tries to hide her negative feelings and pretends to be alright in front of her friends. Yuki is a girl who feels jealous easily but tries very hard to hide and once she also acted coldly towards Sakura. She tries hard to hide her jealousy and tries to be a good and better person.

Did they end up together?

Ishikawa and Yuki together

The fact that we all are aware that they both never started dating officially. Yuki’s fears and concerns stopped her from admitting her true feelings for Ishikawa thus, they both remained as good friends and in a fake relationship. But Ishikawa accepts this and tells her that he will try to do his best and will surely make them fall in love with each other. But, indeed, they both were in a relationship where they were more than just friends. They both showed many moments where they both had romantic sensations and blushed.

In the anime, HoriMiya, even though Yuki and Ishikawa did not end up together like Hori and Miyamura, it was undeniable that they were aware of each other’s romantic feelings and remained friends. Like many other couples, they did not realize their feelings in the beginning but after being together with each other alone for more time, they surely did.