HoriMiya: Who is Remi Ayasaki's Love Interest?

What kind of relationship they had?

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Remi Ayasaki and Kakeru Sengoku
Remi Ayasaki and Kakeru Sengoku

Remi Ayasaki has her love interest in the anime HoriMiya in which she admires her love a lot and appreciates him a lot. Their romance has its episode where it appears how their romance grew and turned into a relationship.

Remi Ayasaki is a famous girl in her high school and is liked by many boys from her class. She also got a lot of attention as she has a very cute and tiny face. Her physique was very attractive and wanted by many boys. Even though she was admired by many boys, attractive or hot, she has a crush on her classmate Kakeru Sengoku.

Kakeru Sengoku has a weak personality but he still manages to pretend to be strong. He was smart and when he gets admiration from many of the students, his mood lightens up from all the shouting he does on students. As the president of the Student Council, he has many responsibilities to handle and he does his work handsomely and gets appreciated by his classmates and other council members as well. Boys and girls alike all fawn over him, which gives him so much happiness but now and then, it also makes him feel anxious.

Remi and Sengoku

Relationship b/w Ayasaki & Sengoku

Ayasaki was the one who understood Sengoku. She knew about his personality after getting close to each other. She knew that her love was fainthearted and didn't like to yell at people. Sengoku is the type of person who acts all cool about things he isn't. In the athletic field, Sengoku isn't the athletic one but he laughs about it when in reality he wishes he wasn't. There were so many struggles he went through most of the time, still, Remi Ayasaki loves him so much.

In a scene when Remi was walking towards Sengoku, a spider came on her shoulder and she got scared of it and wanted Kakeru to remove that spider from her. Even though she knew that he was frightened like her, it was clear from the expression he was frowning. But that freaked him out and he removed that spider. Remi was quite impressed by his little bravery and told him that he did a good job which made Sengoku happy. The boy Remi loves is very weak but despite his weakness, he tries hard.

Lending books
Lending books

Did their mutual interest bring romance in their friendship?

Their romance started when Remi saw Sengoku reading another book in class. After asking him, she gets to know that he was reading Goethe's book. Their friendship started to grow because of their mutual interest in reading books. When asked Remi told him about her genres in reading books and soon they both got close day by day as Sengoku brought her a couple of books for her to read of her interests.

After a few days when Sengoku told Remi about a room full of books available in his house, he asked her to come over. She was wholly excited and nervous at the same time. This would be her first time visiting her crush's house. When she came to his house they both went to the room full of books. She was fascinated by the number of books he had in this room of his. When gazing at all the books that were there she saw an old book on an upper shelf which she was trying to get and as a result a couple of other books fell. Sengoku, after hearing the noise, got startled and Remi apologized by not asking first before getting the book herself. It was the book about, 'The day before the world ends. While they were talking about the book, Sengoku asked Remi what would she do on her last day before the world ends. Sengoku was quite amazed after hearing her answer. She was always cute and full of energy and her answer was just like her sweet personality.

After that Sengoku asked her if her pigtails are higher today than usual, which embarrassed Remi and also he compliments her about her pigtails. They sure are cute, aren't they? After that day, when Remi returned his books after reading, she said she wanted to know about that last day. They were cutely laughing and having conversations on the same topic when Sengoku told her that Kamioka has a crush on her, and she simply answered, "okay". After that straightforward ignorant answer, she asked if she could come over to his house again.

Sengoku and Remi at Sengoku's house

What curiosity led to their confession?

Later in Sengoku's house, Remi asked him what he would do on his last day. That was the moment when he told her that he would tell her that he had feelings for her. She was quite surprised to get this sudden confession from him for which she asked if he was joking and he said he wasn't. Then Remi confessed her feelings for him. Their confession was really short, simple, and adorable.Their small mutual books borrowing went on and they started coming closer to each other. Remi was very attentive and observant of Sengoku. She knew whenever he lied to her or tried to hide his inner emotions.

As for Sengoku, Remi was the one who made him strong, who wanted him to be a wall where he could protect her. Sengoku feels powerful because of her. Later on, everyone in the high school gets to know about their romance and they all know about how deeply they were in love. As in the manga, they got married and Remi also gave birth to their daughter. This relationship of theirs was the most adorable.