HoriMiya: Who is Izumi Miyamura's Love Interest?

How did Hori become friends with Miyamura?

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HoriMiya is an anime based on the Izumi Miyamura and Kyouko Hori's love story. They both are classmates and soon befriend each other. Miyamura is a student other classmates think of as gloomy, shy, and antisocial.

And on the other hand, Kyouko Hori is an intelligent, friendly, and trendy girl with whom every boy wishes to be friends. The two of them ended up sharing their "secret self" time.

How did Hori become friends with Miyamura?

This all started when a dog chased Hori's brother Souta, and Miyamura helped him and took him to his house. Hori is unaware that the boy who helped her brother is no one but her classmate Miyamura.

She was surprised to see the other side of Miyamura, all his piercings and hair. She was happy to know his other side and that both of them were aware of each other's true selves, which Hori said is "secret self".

At the same time, Miyamura was thrilled to know that they now have become friends. After Miyamura first visited Hori's house, they started meeting each other often and soon developed feelings.

All this secret friendship and meeting regularly at Hori's house was the first time Miyamura made a friend since he started high school. Thanks to Hori, his life began to change for the better, and he soon made many new friends drastically.

After Hori, Miyamura befriended Ishikawa, who happens to have feelings for Hori.
When Miyamura realizes that Ishikawa has feelings for Hori, Miyamura starts putting a distance between him and himself, which greatly upsets Hori.

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After the confession made by Ishikawa, Hori confronts Miyamura for avoiding her. After scolding Miyamura for acting this way, Hori told him that she rejected Ishikawa and the two became friends like before.

Their relationship continues to grow, and they develop feelings for each other. Miyamura is very supportive and appreciates Hori greatly, leading to increased feelings in Hori for him. They both were fond of each other and cherished each other.

Who confessed first to who?

For the first time, Hori tries to openly confess to Miyamura her feelings for him when the two hold hands. Wanting to compare them, she quietly whispers, "I like you", but when not get any reply from Miyamura, she nervously says that she only likes his hands.

Still, she confesses to him properly, and Miyamura admits that he heard her at first. And as for Miyamura, he was able to tell his feelings for her when she was sick and was resting in her room.

She was sleeping, but because Miyamura was aware that she was fully awake, he went on to tell his true feelings for her and left the room. She never asked for clarification, but the romantic overtones started existing between them from then.

Their relationship seems to get an official statement when Hori's father asks if they both are in a relationship. And in response to her father's question, she answered yes.

They started looking at each other as girlfriend and boyfriend from then on. The couple shared their first kiss when Miyamura, wanting to taste the candy she ate, kissed her. Hori felt a sudden light stroke and was left frozen with nervousness and a heart beating fast.

Miyamura and Hori were both attentive to each other. Miyamura also proved to be protective of Hori when she was accused of losing the student council paper, and Miyamura was able to prove her innocence successfully.

He took care of Hori's wishes and was always there for her whenever she needed help or support.

There was this moment when she was not well and started crying as she was getting flashbacks of her mother leaving her alone in front of him and asking her not to leave her alone, as her mother is always away from her because of work. Since her childhood, she has been alone, and she now gets attached to Miyamura.

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After seeing her crying, Miyamura decided to stay with her until she fell asleep. Taking another situation, when Miyamura went away to his grandparents' house for five days, leaving Hori alone, she found herself left alone and deflated.

When he arrived at his apartment, he rushed to meet her, while Hori came to his apartment, and they both found each other in the elevator. She then hugged him, started crying, and admitted she missed him so much.

How did their relationship impact them?

They both have one or the other kind of impact on each other. For Miyamura, Hori has remarkably impacted him. Because of her, he started to have more friends, and he also hung out often.

He became pleased and friendlier after befriending Miyamura. Back in middle school, he was bullied and forced himself to self-pierce his ears and make tattoos on his body.

In high school, his personality changed to a much healthier one, and he started to be more interactive and open.

For Hori, she got a friend and a partner for whom she can show her true self without any judgment and whom she can cry whenever she feels down or can easily express herself. She felt comfortable with him. Even Hori's father and brother were fond of him, and they both were like one healthy couple.

As time went on, they both became very comfortable with each other. They started cuddling, and eventually, they both shared a moment when they both had sex with each other. Hori even gave him a bite on his neck, expressing her ownership. They both were a delightful and friendly couple.

They like to tease each other, and also Hori enjoys it when Miyamura speaks abusively to her, and he finds this side of her very cute. He tries to go with that. Hori started worrying about what would happen after they graduated.

Hori expresses her fears to him, and Miyamura swiftly proposes to her. They both were now engaged. They both shared a positive relationship and became very supportive of each other.