HoriMiya: Who is Akane Yanagi's Love Interest?

Did Yuki feel same for Yanagi?

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Akane  and Yuki conversing with each other

Akane Yanagi was in the same standard as other characters. He was a 3rd-year student in Kateri High School and, later he became friends with Hori and Izumis' friend circle.

Did Yuki feel same for Yanagi?

Akane had feelings for Yuki Yoshikawa. Akane confessed his feelings for Yuki and got rejected as Yuki had feelings for Ishikawa. Yuki, when she got to know that there was someone who likes her, she felt insecure as she thought that she would not be good enough for him.

As for the others, like Hori and Miyamura, they both got surprised when they saw the boy in person. Yanagi is hot and handsome and has an attractive personality. Hori and Miyamura both were confused as to why Yuki was going to reject such a hot snack! However, they never found out the real reason in the anime.

What kind of boy Yanagi was?


Yanagi was a simple boy and hilarious as well. His classmates call him hilarious as his sights were not that great to be in his appearance. He often forgets to wear his glasses and, as a result, he tends to hit his head a lot. He was cute and also wanted to be friends with most of the people.

Classmates or other students find him that he's impossible to approach as he stands out more because he is good-looking. Yuki after hearing about his eyesight defect she decided to confirm that if he had mistakenly taken Yuki for some other girl and confessed. But it was not so the case, Yanagi very well knew who Yuki was and, he confessed to the right girl. Despite getting rejected they remained friends and enjoyed each other's company.

Being in the group of Hori and Izumi, Yanagi felt happy and, he was still able to see Yuki any time he wanted. For Yanagi, Sengoku was the one with whom he wanted to be friends for sure.

Yuki and Akane at graduation day

Did they end up together?

Yuki's elder sister was also quite disappointed in Yuki's rejection of Yanagi as for her as well he was a very hot and good-looking boy. Still, Yuki was sure about her feelings for Ishikawa and did not want to give Yanagi false hopes for the future. On their last day of graduation, Yuki and Yanagi crossed paths when Yanagi asked her if she will join Yanagi and other friends for a road trip after he'll get his driving license.

Yanagi also said that he still feels for her the same but wants to keep their friendship. Yuki gave him a warm smile and accepted the offer with an open heart and also said that she would invite Ishikawa, Iura, Hori, and Miyamura. They both had their last moment in school with confidence and honesty.