Hometown Cha Cha Cha Kdrama: What Secret is Hong Du Sik Hiding?

What is Hong Du Sik hiding? What's the secret of his painful past? Will Hye JIn break with him?

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2 characters serious injured in an accident

Hometown Cha Cha Cha Kdrama has become the new stress reliever for weekends. Watching Hometown Cha Cha Cha every weekend with Shin Min A (Yoon Hye Jin) and Kim Sun Ho (Hong Su Shik) is a pleasurable treat to eyes. The relationship between Hye Jin and Du Sik is smooth sailing.

The cute pair gives such a happy vibe; but will their relationship survive when so many secrets surround Hong Du Sik. Hye Jin wanted to know but Mr Hong denied to open up. What secret is Hong Du Sik hiding from everyone? Is Hye Jin ready for the truth?

Everything was going ok until when Jin PD’s teammate Kim Do Ha was furious and attacked Hong Du Shik. Assault was not the end of the episode when Do Ha accused Du Sik of murdering his father. He blamed Du Sik for his dad’s injury. The Gongjin people were stunned and surprised by this shocking revelation.

man with injured face

Hong Du Sik silently takes the beating and walks away, without denying a single word. Did he really cause Do Ha’s dad’s injury? Hye Jin didn’t believe anything and followed Du Sik but he didn’t refute the claim. So what’s the truth? What happened in the past?  

Hong Du Sik’s Past

In the past, Hong Du Sik worked at a company YK Asset Management as a fund manager. He knew Do Ha’s dad who was employed in the company as a security guard. Du Shik was kind and didn’t have any malicious intent towards anyone. He only introduced his father to the process but didn’t directly tell him to invest.

It was short-sightedness on Du Sik’s part because he should have taken responsibility till the end. Do Ha’s dad invested everything he saved on the wrong stock that later filed for bankruptcy and couldn’t take this shock. He attempted suicide as the debts were too much for him to handle.

a man giving something to his father
Do Ha's dad and Du Sik

Do Ha’s dad wanted to pay his student loans and was convinced that maybe the stock market is the way. But the lesson to learn here is that don’t just invest in any random stock. Do your own research and then decide after understanding the market risk. Enough patronising!  

Do Ha’s dad can’t be blamed either because he was not informed enough to understand how the process works and invested based on what his fund manager (not Du Sik) told him. It was the fault of Do Ha’s fund manager who was not responsible enough to conduct enough market research and informed his client.

Du Sik Opens up to Hye Jin

a couple's emotional moment

Hye Jin was sad to see Du Sik broken and down. He was blaming himself for everything. She tried to comfort him and Du Sik finally decided to tell her everything. It started with Du Sik and his college Sunbae working for YK Asset Management.

Du Sik was not happy when he was working there at the beginning; it was his sunbae who convinced him to work at this company.  Du Sik got acquainted with Do Ha’s dad who worked there as well.  

Hearing the news about Do Ha’s dad (security) guard who committed a suicide attempt, Du Sik was shaken to the core. He tried to immediately visit Ajusshi but was not in a normal state of mind. His Sunbae followed him hurriedly and offered to drive seeing his condition.

a seriously injured man in a car

The doom of Kdrama invaded Hometown Cha Cha Cha as well. The “truck” caused an accident when they were going to visit ajusshi. In the accident, Du Sik was injured but his sunbae passed away.

His college sunbae was actually Jin PD’s brother in law. Jin PD’s sister blamed Hong Du Sik for the accident which caused him to experience trauma and he believes that everyone around him ends up leaving him.

The scene was really painful and emotional. This episode of Hometown Cha Cha Cha will make you cry buckets of tears, do keep some tissues ready.  Hong Du Sik was suffering in silence and even tried to commit suicide.

He would have succeeded in the attempt had the granny not texted him at that time. Whether it was coincidence or fate, Hye Jin was passing that route and called 119 services reporting a man trying to commit suicide. Hye Jin saved Du Shik indirectly.  

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