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It's finally a love story

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Episode 9 of Hometown Cha Cha Cha begins with Hye-Jin and Du-Sik separating after hugging out in the streets. Du-Sik’s heart can’t stop beating, and he convinces himself is just being startled. Hye-Jin meanwhile, is flustered and hot. Neither of them can sleep, clearly too busy thinking of the night’s events.

In the morning, Nam-Suk excitedly walks past Hye-Jin and excitedly tells her the secret from the previous night (her alleged passionate embrace with Du-Sik) is safe with her. Only, Hye-Jin’s parents show up in town to see their daughter.

After helping them out with refuelling their car earlier on, Hye-Jin’s father is convinced that Du-Sik is trouble and talking down to him.

Anyway, Du-Sik eventually finds himself in the difficult position of claiming he’s Hye-Jin’s boyfriend. The conversation is cagey but Du-Sik has a plan. If they can keep up the charade of being lovers for the day, Hye-jin can then break up with him after.

Hye-Jin agrees and messages everyone around town, asking them to keep up with this lie and as a reward, she’ll grant them a 30% discount at the dentist.

When Hye-Jin shows her parents around town, all the residents jump in and overact – or struggle to act – in their presence. Oh Yoon, of course, takes the time to show off his music.

On their walk, Hye-Jin and the gang run into Seong-Hyeon who happens to be filming. He greets Hye-Jin’s father warmly and they get along well.

Meanwhile, Mi-Seon heads out on a ride with Eun-Cheol while he’s on patrol. When she asks him out on a date, Eun-Cheol rejects, claiming they don’t know enough about each other. Upset, Mi-Seon skips out and hurries home.

Nam-Suk struggles in the wake of her gossiping ban and instead turns her attention to Yeong-Guk and Cho-Hui. As they sit and talk together in the bar, she snaps photos and sends them on to Hwa-Jeong. Of course, a picture can only say so much.

In reality, Cho-Hui admits she’s never had romantic feelings for him and actually she’s always seen him as a friend. It completely crushes the guy and eventually, he takes off, leaving Yeong-Guk to try and put together the broken pieces of his heart.

Du-Sik continues to get involved in Hye-Jin’s family affairs, playing Go with her father and breaking down his harsh exterior to help him try seafood.

Hye-Jin can only smile warmly but the conversation soon takes a turn for the worst when Du-Sik admits that his parents and grandfather passed away.

Given he’s an orphan, Tae-Hwa (Hye-Jin’s father’s name) is completely against Hye-Jin dating him. He wants them to break up, claiming that Du-Sik being an orphan is a “flaw”.

Du-Sik overhears all this and heads out to sit with the man. Tae-Hwa apologizes for his words and opens up to Du-Sik outside, reflecting on how he was a neglectful father and a drunk. He wants Hye-Jin to have better, with a big family and a lavish lifestyle.

Du-Sik admits the truth that they’re actually just friends and not dating after all. He just wants someone who’s good to look after Hye-Jin…which Tae-Hwa suggests could be Du-Sik. When Hye-Jin’s parents eventually do leave, Tae-Hwa whispers something in Du-Sik’s ear but he refuses to spill the beans about what he said to Hye-Jin.

That afternoon, Hye-Jin heads home and finds Mi-Seon waiting for her. Makeup stains her cheeks as Hye-Jin hurries over to comfort the girl. However, she needs emergency dental work. With other appointments at the dentist used up, Mi-Son is taken to Seoul for a check-up She’s driven there by none other than Eun-Cheol.

After an eventful day, Seong-Hyeon rings Hye-Jin to let her know he’s heading back to Seoul. However, he has something he wants to tell her, which he’ll divulge when he gets back to Gongjin.

However, Hye-Jin becomes distracted when she notices the streetlight has been fixed – the same broken streetlight that spooked Hye-Jin the previous night.

As we’re left with a tantalizing glimpse of this love triangle to come, Hometown Cha Cha Cha bows out with a quick look at the past, specifically of Du-Sik in therapy following the death of his parents and grandpa.

Episode 10 of Hometown Cha Cha Cha begins with Hye-Jin heading home after an eventful day. Only, an intruder breaks into her house and holds the girl hostage with a knife. Thankfully Du-Sik shows up and manages to knock him out, deflecting most of his knife blows and saving Hye-Jin from a messy fate.

At the hospital, the stress of all this gets to Hye-Jin who begins breaking down into tears. As the two are caught in the middle of a moment, Seong-Hyeon shows up to check on her. He thanks Du-Sik for saving her and stumbles away back home.

With Hye-Jin worried about staying in her house, Du-Sik encourages her to stay at his place instead. There are a number of memorial candles out on the table, given it’s the anniversary of Du-Sik’s grandfather. The old man had a heart attack but he wasn’t found in time to save him, partly because Du-Sik was out watching football.

Du-Sik blames himself for this, but Hye-Jin is quick to reassure him that it’s not his fault.

Mi-Seon checks in with Hye-Jin, letting her know that her mother is about to go into surgery and she wants to be there when she wakes up. Hye-Jin is absolutely fine with this, while Eun-Cheol sits with Mi-Seon and supports her through this as well. He encourages her to get some sleep while he stays up, eventually leading to the two at a stalemate and deciding to have a drink together instead.

Back over at Du-Sik’s place, he decides to sleep on the floor while Hye-Jin takes the sofa, determined to make sure she’s okay and safe.

News of the break-in spreads across Gongjin as all the townsfolk discuss the event and what to do about it. Exhibiting concerns, they all fuss over Hye-Jin when she shows up in town.

Mi-Seon is among those, heading back after her Mother’s successful surgery. She gives her friend a big hug and promises to be there for her.

This “friend” deal is something she projects across to Eun-Cheol too, pointing out that she’s falling for her and has decided to put a lid on her feelings. Eun-Cheol is stunned and can only sit and watch her walk away.

Elsewhere in town, Yeong-Guk continues to struggle with the stress of everything that’s going on in his life. Specifically, he finds himself puzzled over Hwa-Jeong’s words about the divorce, which causes him to continue stressing.

Speaking of stress, Seong-Hyeon continues to go through the motions too. He’s clearly longing for Hye-Jin, reflecting back on memories of their past, but struggling to continue working, skipping out on Wang and the gang in the editing studio.

That evening, Du-Sik’s memorial goes ahead but Hye-Jin joins him for the dinner. Sitting together, they eat snow crab but cracking the shells ends up being a pretty messy affair. After dinner, Du-Sik suggests walking Hye-Jin home but she decides to be brave and head alone. As she does, she walks into Seong-Hyeon, who happens to be waiting for her.

As they head out for dinner to talk, Seong-Hyeon really struggles to get his words out. Eventually, he does though and admits that he really likes her. This only further complicates matters for Hye-Jin, who remains conflicted over what to do given the current Du-Sik situation.

With Mi-Seon feeling equally conflicted, the girls decide to take a trip to Seoul to unwind. With them due back the following day, Mi-Seon convinces Du-Suk to head over and unplug her curling iron. Only… it’s already unplugged. The place is a complete mess though but Du-Sik ignores all this and makes sure everything is locked up.

After, Gam-Ri calls out Du-Sik, understanding that he definitely has feelings for Hye-Jin. She encourages him to be honest with himself and stop fighting it. It’s something that Hye-Jin does too, as she heads out into the rain without an umbrella and embraces her feelings.

This singular act makes up her mind, as she decides to skip out on her big day out with Mi-Seon and head back to Gongjin. Only… that leaves Mi-Seon stranded.

And The next shot shows Hye-Jin with her hair absolutely dry and perfect again. There must be some pretty amazing heating in her car.

Back in Gongjin, Hye-Jin finds Du-Sik down by the shore. She admits that she really likes him and as he holds her hand, leaning forward, the two kiss for real this time. Hooray!

As they kiss under the moonlight, letting the waves lazily lap against the dock, we cut back in time to learn Du-Sik realized Hye-Jin was the girl from the beach all those years ago, courtesy of a photo in her room.

If that wasn’t enough, another flashback with Du-Sik’s grandfather shows that he actually made a wish during Du-Sik’s birthday, hoping that the universe sends him someone to make him happy. And that someone? It’s very clearly Hye-Jin, right?

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