Hometown Cha Cha Cha Kdrama Review (Ep 5&6) | Is It A Love Triangle?

Is it Finally a love triangle? Who is the new Director in the town?

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Episode 5 of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha begins with Hye-Jin waking up next to Du-Sik. As she sneaks out of the house, she believes she’s in the clear… but she’s not. She’s spotted leaving, sending rumours abuzz across the small town as everyone learns what the pair have been up to.

Hungover and struggling to remember the details from the night, the visions slowly start to come back. Pole dancing, playing with a ship’s wheel on the dock and messing about in the outdoor gym are but a few of the activities she’s ended up engaging in.

Hye-Jin eventually heads out in the morning, on her way to the clinic. Only, in doing so Du-Sik shows and questions why she didn’t do the dishes. The small crowd grew “ooh” and “aah” over this development, eventually watching the pair heading out to breakfast together. There, Du-Sik finally learns what’s going on.

Outside, the gang have second thoughts about the relationship, especially the brash way Du-Sik wipes Du-Sik’s mouth. Believing it all to be a misunderstanding, the gang decide to leave them in peace. Instead, the gang discuss who has the upper hand and who is the better prospective match – Du-Sik or Hye-Jin.

Mi-Seon even gets involved in the conversation too, as the crowd gets bigger and discusses their relationship.

After breakfast, Hye-Jin does the same. She tells Du-Sik frankly that they’re not a good match as he looks pretty hurt by this revelation. When Hye-Jin does head into work though, Mi-Seon echoes some of the town concerns, including three unresolved mysteries.

While the first is in regard to Yeong-Guk and Hwa-Jeong’s divorce, the other centres on Chief Hong’s whereabouts for five years. The third mystery? Well, that remains unknown right now.

What is known, however, is that Du-Sik heads around town taking pictures of the townsfolk and neighbouring area. Only, he notices a man there taking pictures too. After saving him from certain doom, as he looked set to slip and fall down, Du-Sik learns that this is Sung-Hyun.

After checking out the view of Gongjin from high above, he invites Sung-Hyun into the restaurant for food. However, the pair disagree over the best-tasting dishes.

Back in town, it turns out Yo Cho-Hui is going to be the new elementary school teacher. Now, given the closeness of everyone here, Yeong-Guk’s ex teaching his child seems like a recipe for disaster for Hwa-Jeong. Yeong-Guk even messages her too, although she doesn’t text back given it’s late at night.

The next day Hye-Jin heads in for her meeting at school but finds herself with a substitute assistant in Mi-Seon’s absence… Du-Sik. The pair do a good job teaching the little ones but soon the questions turn to Du-Sik and Hye-Jin’s relationship. Thankfully, the tension is thwarted by I-Jun, who does a good job saving the pair.

Tensions are high between Yeong-Suk and the two women too, as Hye-Jin comments how this is like a love triangle. Attention soon turns to Du-Sik and Hye-Jin’s relationship and, more specifically, how compatible they are together. Du-Sik admits that there’s more to life than a mathematical equation. Still, that doesn’t stop them from scribbling sums all over the table.

As the rain starts falling outside, Du-Sik takes the opportunity to take Hye-Jin outside by hand. The pair play in the rain, pushing each other into the sea as they laugh and joke together. It’s a way of reinforcing that sometimes the spontaneous moments in life are the best.

And as Du-Sik reaches out and touches her head, Hye-Jin remembers a moment from her drunken night when she leaned forward and kissed him.

In the wake of this though, we cut to an epilogue where Chief Hong speaks to a therapist and admits that he’s still suffering from nightmares. And just like that, the scene cuts to a bloodied hand holding onto his shoulder. This turn in the ending has made viewers more curious about Du Sik's past.

Episode 6 of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha begins with Hye-Jin reflecting back on her kiss with Du-Sik during her drunken night. Mi-Seon is there too, teasing her friend over her true feelings. On the back of this, Hye-Jin takes the bold claim of deciding not to get involved with Du-Sik anymore.

In the morning, Hye-Jin begins by telling Du-Sik to stay away and stop prying so much into her business. Instead, she turns to Chun-Jae and decides to get her coffee order from him instead. As Du-Sik leaves, he realizes Hye-Jin remembers what happened that night between them, explaining away her standoffish behaviour.

Hye-Jin does have second thoughts though, which are only exemplified later on in the day when Hwa-Jeong comes in for her check-up. Thankfully there’s nothing too wrong with her but she discusses how it was fate that Du-Sik and Hye-Jin ended up together.

Du-Sik inevitably comes in for his check-up next and immediately asks Hye-Jin about the kiss they shared. She begins coughing and sputtering, unable to control how taken aback she is.

Although she decides to stay as friends, Hye-Jin immediately feels jealous when she notices pictures snapped of Du-Sik and a mystery woman together around town.

Du-Sik continues to comment about how his ear is burning but is distracted by someone causing a ruckus at Gam-Ri’s place. It’s Sung-Hyun, what a surprise!

With the mix-up cleared, Sung-Hyun gushes over how beautiful Gam-Ri’s house is and how nice the old woman is. Well, this pure soul eventually goes off to stay at the Parang Guesthouse…but his sense of direction is honestly awful and he walks in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile, Ju-Ri steals her father’s safe with all the money inside. She immediately heads over to see Hye-Jin, where disaster strikes when Du-Sik appears.

Eventually, things are straightened out, with Ju-Ri staying over Hye-Jin’s for the night. However, Chun-Jae continues to send over numerous messages fussing over his daughter. The reason for this though stems from their past.

It turns out Ju-Ri’s mother died before the girl got a chance to grow up with her, which explains why he’s so attentive and fusses over her a lot. Well, Hye-Jin finds common ground with the girl through this, discussing her own past.

In the morning, Hye-Jin exerts some wisdom on Chun-Jae, showing off her sketchbook and how talented the girl is. As the pair begin talking, Hye-Jin heads outside and notices Du-Sik walking with his new lady friend. She tries to push it to the back of her mind but it’s clear that it’s affecting her.

In fact, at the town meeting, Hye-Jin speaks up and lashes out against gossiping. It immediately puts them all on edge, and even Du-Sik’s encouraging words do no good. It seems the relations between Hye-Jin and Du-Sik are hanging precariously on edge right now.

The town decides to spruce things up with a singing contest. The whole place is abuzz and with Chief Hong acting as the officer overseeing everything, each of the different contestants gets up and begins singing and dancing.

Nam-Suk is pretty bad and ends up making children cry. Gam-Ri serves better, singing her heart out, while Du-Sik urgently calls on Hye-Jin’s help regarding Ju-Ri.

While they help fix up Ju-Ri, it’s actually Bo-Ra who steals the limelight. She’s an amazing singer and actually ends up winning the whole contest. Ju-Ri comes second, and off the back of this Hye-Jin agrees to get her braces fixed up. However, the night isn’t over yet.

A special performance from the K-Pop group DOS ignites the place. Ju-Ri is in tears and after the performance, does her best to catch up with JUNE, one of the members.

Although her legs are hurt, Ju-Ri’s father gives her a piggyback all the way over, abandoning his own instrument to make sure his daughter sees her idol.

Off the back of this, Ju-Ri decides to use her money to help her father instead, especially given JUNE recognized her for the snaggleteeth she has.

Seeing the pair together jogs Hye-Jin’s memory of a time gone by. As we jump back we see Hye-Jin greeted by her father outside, throwing his coat around her shoulders and taking her home.

This memory sees Hye-Jin phone home and speaks to her father. It’s a nice call, one that’s just a friendly catch-up, but one that’s immediately cut short by seeing Du-Sik out and about.

He admits he doesn’t befriend just anyone (using Hye-Jin’s words against her!) but the pair are distracted by the fireworks from afar. Only, what’s this? Du-Sik slips, Sung-Hyun jumps in to save him…and locks eyes with Hye-Jin. Seeking their expressions towards each other, it was pretty obvious they both know each other. Is it a Love Triangle?