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Hye Jin and Du Sik are finally all over each other.

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Episode 11 of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha begins with Hye-Jin and Du-Sik down by the docks, just after their kiss. Walking hand in hand, the pair leave to go home after admitting that they like each other.

At Hye-Jin’s house though, she asks Du-Sik to hold off telling everyone about their relationship until she’s had a chance to speak to Seong-Hyeon. Given we know he has the hots for her, this is set up to be a difficult conversation.

That night though, Du-Sik rings Hye-Jin and points out that he was the one who took their family photo in the past. She’s surprised, chuckling incredulously as the pair trade stories from their past. It almost seems like fate – although Du-Sik shoots down that idea and claims it’s a coincidence.

Meanwhile, Seong-Hyeon takes time out from shooting to head over to the bar. Chun-Jae butters him up while he waits for Hye-Jin, telling him to put in a good word to his peers on his behalf.

When Hye-Jin does show up, we learn more about their past together. Now, it turns out Seong-Hyeon always looked out for her, making sure she was okay at college.

Hye-Jin’s affection grew for him over time but he was scared to actually muster up the courage to tell her. She knew he liked her too but was concerned given he saw her at her absolute worst.

Seong-Hyeon smiles warmly, telling her that she was his first love. In the distance though, Chun-Jae listens intently, tears running down his cheeks. I guess the conversation wasn’t as bad as we initially thought guys!

Outside the bar, Seong-Hyeon runs into Du-Sik, who takes him aside to help with something over at Gam-Ri’s place. Now, he knows that Du-Sik is the one Hye-Jin likes and eventually opens up, telling him to take good care of her.

Thankfully there are no ill feelings between them as they continue woodworking, joking about it. This also has the knock-on effect of allowing Hye-Jin and Du-Sik to officially confirm this is their first day of being a couple – at least privately anyway.

Meanwhile, there are ill feelings between Yeong-Guk and Hwa-Jeong, as the former does his best to try and work out exactly why the pair ended up divorced in the first place. However, he ends up running into Seong-Hyeon at the bar.

Given they’re both aggrieved over their relationships, the pair have a lot in common. And if the sheer number of empty soju bottles on the table is anything to go by, they get pretty drunk.

Yeong-Guk is definitely feeling the effects the next day at work, although he’s quick to be given a hot drink and a need to shape up, given he has important matters to attend to.

Meanwhile, Du-Sik ends up going through the wars in the morning. Hye-Jin continues to inadvertently hit him – first in the face, then in the leg and finally in the nose – on three different occasions as she becomes nervous in the presence of the other residents around town.

The climax to this comes that night, as the old ladies show up at Du-Sik’s place and are quickly encouraged to leave after Du-Sik gives them a bunch of candles.

They soon exhibit their suspicions over what’s going on, but obviously, the reason is Hye-Jin. She just so happens to be hiding in the closet the entire time.

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When the old ladies leave, Du-Sik scoops her up from the closet but slips, and they both end up on the bed together. Just before they kiss… Hye-Jin’s phone goes off. Well, that's what we call bad timing!!

Elsewhere, Seong-Hyeon comes down with a stomachache. Ji-Won looks after him for the time being, encouraging him to sleep it out and admitting that it’s embarrassing that this has happened to someone as healthy as him.

Well, Seong-Hyeon believes the real root cause of this is because he’s heartbroken, which of course is thanks to Hye-Jin. Ji-Won looks at him sympathetically; could these two be getting together in the near future?

Meanwhile, Eun-Cheol heads into the clinic for teeth scaling, which Mi-seon administers. With his mouth wide open, the officer admits to Mi-Seon that he doesn’t want to not date her but really he just wants to get to know her slowly.

She grins and tries to hide her elation, feigning ignorance and claiming she can’t understand what he’s saying.

Well, things are looking up for Du-Sik and Hye-Jin too, who are both super excited for their date. They both head down to the docks again but while they’re together, getting close, all the village residents show up. Hye-Jin decides to forget the pretence, openly admitting that they’ve been dating for four days.

The others all laugh and joke, correcting them and confirming that it’s actually three. All of them knew about their secret relationship since the beginning, given their goo-goo eyes for one another and the phone left behind.

It’s all smiles and giggles though as the villagers welcome this new love story with open arms.

Episode 12 of Hometown Cha Cha Cha begins with Du-Sik and Hye-Jin together, eating watermelon and enjoying each other’s company.

However, Du-Sik falls asleep and has a horrible nightmare, with his own inner self questioning whether he’s really happy.

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Well, Hye-Jin is most certainly happy, deciding to write up a bucket list of 100 things she wants to do with Du-Sik. Mi-Seon scoffs at the idea but Hye-Jin shrugs off her critiques. She and Du-Sik continue to get along like a house on fire, working their way through her list which includes yoga poses…and brushing their teeth together.

Du-Sik eventually learns about her list but unlike Mi-Seon, he’s actually on board with it and decides they should work through it together.  

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Hye Jin's Bucket List 101 

Meanwhile, I-Jun wins a prize at the math competition, which both Yeong-Guk and Hwa-Jeong are happy about. Only, they both end up squabbling over who is the better parent.

It’s subtle, but enough for I-jun’s smile to be a little more forced. As the fractured family head out to have food, Hwa-Jeong agrees to let him get the hedgehog back from Hye-Jin. When she finds out though, Hye-Jin has clearly grown quite the attachment to the little critter.

After giving him back, Du-Sik gathers all the residents together for news regarding the upcoming episode of JUNE and Seong-Hyeon’s show. In order to decide who stars, Du-Sik decides they should all draw straws to see who joins Gam-Ri on camera. Chun-Jae, Nam-Duk, Yun-Gyeong and Yeong-Guk are the ones chosen.

As filming gets underway, Nam-Suk ends up incredibly nervous, touching her hair constantly. Yun-Gyeong winds up swearing while Chun-Jae decides to sing with his guitar. All these crazy occurrences leave Seong-Hyeon with the tough job of editing out all of this. Du-Sik gives him a knowing glance.

Meanwhile, Eun-Cheol escorts Mi-Seon down to the rotisserie chicken stall. He admits to being a little slow and misinterpreted her playing hard to get.

The vendor ends up getting frustrated and interprets Mi-Seon’s words for him, eventually leading to the pair “going steady” with one another. When Hye-Jin finds out, she’s super excited and wishes her luck with the new relationship.

The big date between Hye-Jin and Du-Sik goes ahead too, with them both heading out to Seoul. After visiting a gallery together, they go clothes shopping, paying homage to Pretty Woman but with Du-Sik playing the role of trying on clothes.

While in the busy shopping centre together, Du-Sik runs into his old friend Tae-Gyeong. He hands over his business card and urges Du-Sik to call. Du-Sik claims they went to college together but this meeting certainly rattles him, throwing off his mood completely as he and Hye-Jin sit and eat.

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Another mood thrown off comes from Yeong-Guk, who learns that Hwa-Jeong still cares about him. The reason for their breaking up soon now becomes clearer, as the socks were just a part of a much larger issue, including how Yeong-Guk has always viewed their marriage as a convenience, rather than with genuine love.

Hwa-Jeong’s heartbroken rant was just the result of pent-up frustration and sadness over this turn of events. When Yeong-Guk learns what he’s done, he realizes how much of a jerk he’s been.

Meanwhile, Seong-Hyeon receives some bad news when Ji-Won unveils that he’s been given another offer and this coming shift will be her last. She calls him a good person though and is convinced that he’ll find other writers to replace him.

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Back in Gongjin, Hye-Jin and Du-Sik head out for their date that evening. Under the light of a fire, with the flames dancing merrily next to the light breeze from the sea, Hye-Jin and Du-Sik both admit that they love one another.

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