High Class Kdrama Review: Who’s the Mystery Sender?

High Class Kdrama begins airing on TvN. The mystery Kdrama creates a lot of buzz and ends up in a cliffhanger. Join Song Yeo Wool in the life of 0.1% of Korean society.

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TvN is back with a bang again. TvN has a good lineup of Kdramas in 2021. Replacing You Are My Spring, High Class Kdrama begins airing.  This drama straight up brought Sky Castle on episode 1. This might be the new Sky Castle or Penthouse, depending on what the drama wants to portray.  High Class Kdrama begins with a slow narrative but with episode 2, things start getting heated up.


  • Cheo Yeo Jeong plays the role of Song Yeo Wool, a woman who is under suspicion of murdering her husband.
  • Kim Ji Soo stars as Nam Ji Sun, the ring leader of the queen bee of the top 0.1% elite group of mothers.
  • Ha Joon as Danny Oh, a former ice hockey player, who now works as a teacher in the international school.
  • Park Se Jin plays the role of Hwang Na Yoon, a single mother who’s friendly to Song Yeo Wool.
  • Kong Hyun Joo as Cha Do Young, a former top actress who craves to be in the spotlight and someone who has a very eccentric life.


The female-centric cast of High Class Kdrama really elevates your hope. Kdramas like Sky castle, Penthouse, Mine and others have taken Makjang drama too far, but portrayed them very realistically, to the point it feels absurd. Nevertheless, despite being far fetched, you still can’t stop watching.

High-Class Episode 1 started off with a man jumping off into the water and in the next scene, we see an anxious Song Yeo Wool wake up. What looks like a dream turns out to be a reality perhaps, the situation wasn’t clear yet.

Later it’s revealed that Song Yeo Wool’s scammed many people and later disappeared. It’s not a simple case of disappearance though. Song Yeo Wool is suspected of killing her husband, and his body is not found yet. The circumstances surrounding his death is still a mystery.

the card with some well wishes written over it

Song Yeo Wool takes her son An Yi Chan (Jang Sun Yool) for the admission process in a prestigious international school. Well, the school itself is not bad; although the place looks like a den for spoiled brats. An Yi Chan will have a lot of trouble adjusting mark these words.

It was not even a surprise, but Yi Chan gets into the school without any issues. It was good to see the admission process of kids and how they got into the school, considering it’s a very advanced school in terms of everything. Kudos to the kids for nailing their parts. It was hilarious to see Cha Dong Young’s parent interview, she is the embodiment of pretentious and exaggeration. Yeo Wool is a lawyer by profession, who’s in between jobs due to personal reasons.

welcome written in maroon color

Yeo Wool slays her interview and it was seen that she received a mysterious invite to the school. Even after enquiring, she was unable to find out who sent her the invitation to the school.  The mother-son bonding was nice to see.

In a weird sequence of events when kids were playing hide and seek in the school, Yi Chan gets locked up in a locker. Turns out, Cha Do Young locker him up. This woman has nerve playing around at kids’ school. She’s having affair with someone whose identity is yet a mystery.  Cha Do Young is a wannabe and follower of  Nam Ji Sun. Nam Ji Sun is another mysterious woman who has something going on of her own. Her character is mysterious and puzzling.

2 women sitting on chairs and having coffee

After searching around in High Class episode 2, Yeo Wool finds her son locked up in a locker. She breaks open the locker and gets him out.  Yeo Wool sees a weird and creepy Welcome message in the window, which looks more than a joke, and close to a warning.

Yeo Wool ends up befriending Hwang Na Yoon, another mom from the school. Due to the last party, rumours have circulated in the school, and people were giving odd glances at Yeo Wool.

a women wearing a beautiful white top with black dots printed over it

When Yeo Wool visits the beach, she ends up meeting Danny Oh. Pretty decent way to meet and introduce a new character; very subtle. It seems like Yeo Wool’s husband had a lot of secrets, she wasn’t even aware when he bought this home. She ends up finding his cellphone, but couldn’t unlock it.

Nam Ji Sun invites Yeo Wool to play gold, but get turned down. Ji Sun looks pretty mean and scary, she’s a person you wouldn’t want to stay near to. The kids are mean as usual and Yi Chan gets blamed for breaking toys when he wasn’t even responsible.

home screen of the phone

The mysterious benefactor/Creep is back. Yeo wool receives a flower bouquet with a card “You Are Not Alone” and thought it must be Na Yoon who sent it. Well, it wasn’t her that was clear soon. Soon after she receives a disturbing text from a withheld number.

Overall, High Class Kdrama is definitely intriguing. It started a bit slow, but at the end of episode 1, it picked up the pace. Hope it’s a fast-paced drama. The stellar cast is looking very interesting and the mystery is just beginning. Fans are speculating, the husband might be alive, but the identity of the mystery sender is still one of the biggest questions that viewers of High Class want to know.  

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