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Can Song Yeo Wool rescue Yi Chan? What fate awaits Hwang Na Yeon and An Ji Young?

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Closer to the Finale of High Class Kdrama as the Epsidoe 15 left the fans stranded on a massive cliffhanger. When you thought An Ji Young couldn’t stoop any lower, he set’s the bar pretty high, no pun intended. An Ji Young kidnapped his son An Yi Chan just to get back at Song Yeo wool. Will Song Yeo Wool be able to rescue Yi Chan from his father’s grip? What are An Ji Young’s demands? What is Hwang Na Yeon’s stance now that she’s aware of his husband two-faced betrayal?

Mocking Song Yeo Wool

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After checking the CCTV, Song Yeo Wool was able to determine and confirm that An Ji Young kidnapped Yi Chan. An Ji Young had the audacity to call Yeo Wool and make demands. He really is a scumbag who only loves money and no one else.

Trying to kill Song Yeo Wool was just icing on the cake, kidnapping Yi Chan to extort her and in a sense mock Yeo Wool. Ofcourse his demands were simple, the bearer bonds in exchange for Yi Chan.

An Ji Young is heartless to the core. Sometimes it makes one wonder who she was never able to his real side. She must have been too blind in love to not notice his crazy streaks. Sucks to be Song Yeo Wool, living together with an adulterous psycho all these years.

Nam Ni Sun’s incarceration

The most pitiful character of High Class is Nam Ji Sun. She was high in power and money and now that she’s hit rock bottom, she can at least repent for her actions.

Trying to hide a murder in hope of trying to save her husband was not for them, but was mostly for her selfish actions and self-satisfaction. Instead of educating her son, trying to “protect” him from everything was the result of the situation.

With hard evidence and his husband’s confession, Nam Ji Sun does not have any willpower to do anything to save her from this situation. Although, the only person loyal to her was her secretary who even visits her in the prison, only to be denied visitation every time.

Fresh Start for Cha Do Young

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Finally free from her gambler husband, Cha Do Young handed divorce papers to him previously. She was saved from the contract penalty by chef Jung Mi Do. He paid for the penalty, for which Do Young is thankful.

Do Young has decided to quit showbiz and move back to Seoul with her son. She bid her goodbyes to Jung Mi Do, who still wanted to start over with her. A newly reformed Cha Do Young finally bids him goodbye and wishes him well.

Rescuing Yi Chan

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The sly trashbag An Ji Young is, he called Song Yeo Wool alone to the amusement park where they previously visited in the past. Fearing for her safety Danny and Koo Young Hae accompany Song Yeo Wool to help resume Yi Chan.

The mind games were far from over, and even after getting the money, he didn’t return Yi Chan. Thanks to the whistle given by Danny previously, they were able to locate Yi Chan who was locked up in an abandoned location in the park.

Getting a Closure

Hwang Na Yeon went to confront An Ji Young to get some answers. Whether she was holding onto some false hope or any glimmer of future together, she mustered her courage and confronted An Ji Young.

Scorned by her husband, he felt no remorse for trying to kill her. In range, Hwan Na Yeon tries to stab him only to be overpowered. She would have been hurt, but thanks to the cop  Koo Young Hae she was safe.

Karmic Retribution

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What goes around comes back around. If you keep going evil deeds and think you’re gonna be fine, please get rid of that mentality. Greed never gets you anywhere. An Ji Young was not able to enjoy the happiness as he got shot by someone sent by the Wan Chai Group. This team he can’t cheat death. No Tears for this scumbag.

Farewell to the Past

Song Yeo Wool and Hwang Na Yeon come to terms with their husband’s death. They bid him goodbye and complete the final rites. Hwang Na Yeon decides to leave Jeju forever, maybe that’s the best situation for them. It was nice to see the kids Yi Chan and Jae In trying to comfort their mothers in the finale episode. This shows how mature kids can be; they really wish their moms to be happy.

There’s a time skip of 1 year. Song Yeo Wool has stayed behind in Jeju offering service to the school and to other people. It was good to see her happy and smile for once. Even the cop trusts her now and at least he isn’t prejudiced against her. Song Yeo Wool can now surf and Danny temps her to learn from him.

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The ending of High Class Kdrama showed Hwang Na Yeon back and meeting Song Yeo Wool. Together, the ladies were enjoying hot coffee and reconciled, leaving their past behind and getting a fresh start; a new beginning perhaps. With this High Class Kdrama is over, hope you have a fun time binging!

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High Class Kdrama had pretty shocking revelations, what will happen to Song Yeo Wool now that her dangerous husband is back?

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