Is The Red Sleeve Kdrama the Best Historical Kdrama of 2021?

Watch The Red Sleeve as Prince Yi San and Sung Deok Im, the court lady have an encounter. What will happen when the Prince meets her?

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The Red Sleeve Kdrama was quite a surprising catch out of the ongoing dramas going on. It was even more surprising because period/historical dramas can be a tad bit boring. Although some Seguk (historical) Kdramas are worth watching. The previous historical Kdramas of 2021 was honestly very disappointing so the hopes for The Red Sleeve were almost zero if truth be told.

However, prepare to be surprised with Lee Joon Ho (2 PM) and Lee Se Young in the pivotal roles in The Red Sleeve. Before you know it, you’re gonna fall in love with The Red Sleeve.

Everything about The Red Sleeve is really breathtaking. There was no-nonsense in the name of introducing and setting the characters in the Seguk Kdrama. Every character has its own charm and will instantly get your attention. The flow of The Red Sleeve was quite fast-paced and all the characters (actors) will make you curious.

The child actors playing the role of Yi San and Sung Deok Im were amusing to watch. They make you smile with their wits and the depth they portray for their characters.

Fateful Encounters

2 children listening to their parents

The Red Sleeve opens with a ghost story, where the narrator is reading the story to the young apprentices (training to become court ladies). The story itself piques your curiosity. The reaction of the kids, when caught by the main court lady, was priceless.

The young Sung Deok Im dared to be honest and courageous to save her friends. Head court Lady Jo was impressed with Sung Deok Im and sent her for a fate-changing journey.

The young Yi San went to meet her deceased grandmother (Crown Princess Young) in secret where he met Sung Deok Im. Yi San’s arrogance was top the charts but who knew they will meet again in the future in the most unexpected way.

Meeting with the Emperor

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While Deok Im and Yi San did reach their journey, Yi San had to hurry away as the emperor (King Youngjo) came to visit the deceased crown princess against the customs. He’s the king, who can tell him against the customs, perks of being the emperor! The quick-witted Deok Im catches the attention of his majesty with her eloquence. Impressed, the majesty gave her books as she wants to become a writer one day.

Saving Prince Yi San

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Well, trouble was soon coming for Yi San. He possessed banned books and the others were already plotting for his head. The sudden search team wanted to retrieve the banned book, but guess who’s gonna save Yi San?!

It’s none other than the knight in the shining armour, Sung Deok Im, who tore the content of the banned book and saved Yi San’s head. Although it was disappointing when Hong Deok Ro, Yi San’s friend took the credit for saving him. There’s a time skip and Sung Deok Im grows up.

The Prince & The Court Lady

a child holding a father from behind

Prince Yi San grew up and now is chasing a tiger that has been plaguing the city in terror. It was the most funniest and hilarious encounter when a grown Sung Deok Im (Lee Se Young)  meets the prince (Lee Joon Ho). In an accident, she knocks him into the pool. Yi San definitely knows how to hold a grudge. Whether she was planning to help him or make him drown, is outright comical.

He orders Sung Deok Im to write an apology letter as punishment to reflect on her wrongdoings.  Little did they know, they will meet again when Yi San was not in his formal attire.

When Yi San was giving a lecture, Deok Im heard him and transcribed his speech. Later, Yi San visits the place and found Deok Im, the librarian maid. Yi San tries to pay (bribe) Deok Im, but she straight up refuses to answer his questions or accept the bribes.

She has fierce loyalty towards the crown prince whom she has never met until now. Of course, the classic misunderstanding is where she assumes the crown prince is the teacher. Even the crown prince doesn’t correct her misunderstanding as he isn’t obliged to.  

a king listening to his ministers

The scenes between Deok Im and Yi San were quite amusing, as the librarian shoos away the crown prince from the library. Yi San made Deok Im keep writing the apology letters as he keeps rejecting them to torment her even more. He occasionally visits Deok Im in the library to research the tigers and how to hunt them.  

What will happen when the misunderstanding is cleared? Will Deok Im hate the Crown Prince Yi San? The Red Sleeve has been quite interesting so far and fast-paced which makes it perfect for both binge-watching and weekly watch. The Red Sleeve replaced Moebius: The Veil Kdrama do check it out as well!

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