Amazing Facts About Hange Zoe, The Quirky Commander

Hange Zoe is the 14th commander of the Scout Regiment and a former squad leader of the Attack on Titan series.

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Hange Zoe is the 14th commander of the Scout Regiment and a former squad leader of the Attack on Titan series.

She’s a researcher, who wants to find all types of information on titans. She went far enough into the rabbit hole to the point where she became obsessed with it.

Hange is one of the most fun, interesting characters to watch in the Attack on Titan series. Hange’s gender is unconfirmed, as said by Isayama when asked what Hange’s gender was.

But in the anime, Hange has a female voice actor as well as a female body with masculine energy. And so, Hange was referred to as a ‘she’.

!! Spoilers Ahead !!

The Eccentric Scientist

Hange Zoe first appeared in the 1st episode, “To You, in 2000 years, the Fall of Shiganshina”. She’s a quirky scientist who loves researching about titans. Almost to the point of obsessing over it.

As the saying goes, “Curiosity kills the cat, but satisfaction brought it back”. When Hange found a Titan that could speak, she went after it almost getting killed by it.

She then discovers a new truth about the Titans. As a result, she makes it her mission to capture titans to learn more about them and the mystery behind them.

Hange is also a brilliant theorist. When it was discovered that Eren Yeager couldn’t turn into a titan at will, she theorized that Eren could transform only when he has a clear objective in mind.

With her extroverted nature coming to light, she’s a talkative person but is very intelligent and quick-witted.

Although optimistic and whimsical, she’s got the skills of a commander. Forming spontaneous plans as well as observing and theorizing are her forte.

Hange’s excitement towards titans is an unexpected delight to watch.

Titans are her prey- much like a lion to a hyena. She kills them to get rid of titan domination. During the battle, it naturally comes to her to analyze and make strategies to succeed.

Hange’s Relationships

Hange is seen as an eccentric researcher. Everyone around her is amused and petrified by her fascination with titans.

She is not terrified of them, just merely curious as to why they are the way they are.

Knowing the truth about the titans and the government did not sway her goal. She’s friendly with everyone but knows how to get what she wants.

She does not hesitate to threaten others to get information as seen with her relationship with the pastor.

Unlike her stoic counterpart, Levi Ackerman, Hange’s loyalty to Commander Erwin Smith does not come from compulsion.

Following in his footsteps, he names her the next commander of the Survey Corps.

She totally deserved the title as a commander. Her relationship with Eren and the 104th squad was more than just colleagues, she cared for them, guiding them and helping each other as a team.

Hange’s interest in Eren was only because he had the ability to turn into a titan. This gave her a chance to perform experiments on him.

Hopefully learning more about titans and their abilities. Hange Zoe also shows no mercy. When fighting for the greater good, even a hero would give up his principles.

Hange’s Final Sacrifice

Throughout the series, Hange is seen to be selfless when it comes to protecting the people she cares about.

It was not only because she cared about them, but she couldn’t let more of humanity die. Not when there’s so much at stake.

Hange’s demise saddened fans all over the world. How could such an important character die? Was it necessary? It is debatable.

She dies protecting her friends from the colossal titans. She was burned to a crisp. It’s one of the most brutal ways to die.

But, in the world of war, there is nothing more honorable than protecting your comrades from enemies.

Hange and Erwin in the afterlife meet and have a bittersweet moment and laugh about Levi. It made the fans emotional and accepting of her death.