Han So Hee Owns The "Killer" Concept In The New Drama "My Name"; releases this October

Netflix Drama "My Name" previously known as Undercover of Nemesis unveiled the teaser poster of Han So Hee.

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Ji Woo going to kill someone with a gun
"My Name" 

Netflix has confirmed October 15th as the release date of the new series 'My Name' and released a teaser poster. “My Name” is about a woman named Yoon Ji Woo (played by Han So Hee) who joins an organized crime ring and infiltrates the police as an undercover agent in order to find out the truth about her father’s death. It will be directed by Kim Jin-Min, who directed the Netflix drama “Extracurricular” that aired in 2020.

Han So Hee alongside Ahn Bo Hyun

In the poster, Han So Hee completely transforms into Yoon Ji Woo. She is standing in a dark alley with a knife in one hand. Her face is so icy that it’s almost indifferent, and judging from her wounded face, blood-stained hand, and injured men around her, it appears as if she has gotten into a brutal fight. The words on the poster read, “It’s fine if I become a monster. I’ll kill you.” In order to express Ji-woo, who does not hesitate to do anything for revenge, Han So Hee's raw action, portrayed high-intensity action, Kim Jin-min's unique direction that makes it impossible to let go of tension in every episode, and a rich drama featuring characters full of personality. . 'My Name' is expected to captivate viewers with its high-quality action noir genre and strong storyline.

Han So Hee is previously known for her role in “The World of the Married” and “Nevertheless.” Through “My Name,” Han So Hee will show a drastically different side of herself. The actress performed intense action scenes in order to portray her new character Yoon Ji Woo, and the drama will captivate viewers with its unique plot.

“My Name” will be released on October 15.

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