Haikyuu: Who Is Yui Michimiya's Love Interest?

DaiYui is the fanship between Daichi Sawamura and Yui Michimiya.

The couple having a cute moment in the corridors of school

Yui Michimiya is one of the characters of the sports anime Haikyuu. “Haikyu!!” is a story of a boy Hinata Shoyo who is determined and focused on becoming an amazing volleyball player despite his short height. He is the protagonist of the series who is very courageous, cute, and a bit clumsy. To become a great volleyball player, he worked very hard and faced all the obstacles that came in his path.

Within a few months after its release, the anime became a fan favourite. This had a lot of reasons. The storyline, plots, moreover the bond between the characters was the major reason behind this love.  

Yui Michimiya was the captain of the Karasuno High Girls' Volleyball Club. Since the Interhigh, she has retired from the club and passed the captain position to another member. In 2021, she works as a hotel employee and plays sepak takraw. Michimiya is shown to be a very active person, always smiling and cracking jokes. She is a very determined person, who cares a lot for her team, giving them motivational speeches and always trying to stay composed in front of them; she only cries when she's away from her teammates. However, she herself had stated that she isn't strict enough.

Around Daichi though she can become flustered and clumsy, repeating words to try and find the right thing to say.

DaiYui- The Fanship

The couple having a conversation in the hallways

DaiYui is the fanship between Daichi Sawamura and Yui Michimiya. For the majority of the series, both Yui and Daichi are third-years at Karasuno and are captains of the girl's and boys' volleyball teams respectively. They both went to Izumitate Middle School, where they became good friends and occasionally practised volleyball together.

Their first interaction in the anime is in the fifth episode of season one, where she asks him about Karasuno's match with Seijoh the following day, and if he was nervous. He tells her about the new first years, and how he believes that if they prove effective they can win.

We see them again in the 14th episode of season one, 'Formidable Opponents.' Yui accidentally expresses her concern that the girl's volleyball team will continue their losing streak and not win in the Inter-high that was coming up. Daichi tells her to believe in herself, saying that "no matter how formidable and unbeatable, you'll never win if you don't believe you can." She remembers how he said the same thing to her back in middle school and quotes him, blushing. She takes these words to heart and uses them to inspire her team to work as hard as they can during their match in the following episode.

The female lead getting awkward in front of the male lead
Yui always gets flustered in front of Daichi

In the first episode of season three, 'Greetings,' Yui gives Daichi a good-luck charm for the match against Shiratorizawa. However, she states that "it's not just for [Daichi], personally," and was to bring the whole team good luck. Daichi thanks her and leaves, and afterwards Yui hugs her friend, flustered, who retorts with "I'm surprised you were even able to give it to him." When Karasuno wins against Shiratorizawa at the end of the season, he picks it up off of the bench where he'd set it and holds it out to where she's sitting in the audience, making her smile and tear up.

Yui often gets nervous and flustered around Daichi, often clumsy, stammering, and struggling to find the right words to talk. She is mostly blushing in front of Daichi which is visible to the viewers. The way she acts cutely in front of Daichi makes fans ship them. Though there are not many instances of them together, fans ship them anyways.  

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