Haikyuu: Who Is Kenma's Love Interest?

KuroKen is the slash ship between Tetsurō Kuroo and Kenma Kozume from the Haikyu!! fandom.

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Kenma's Love Interest?

Kenma Kozume is one of the characters of the sports anime Haikyuu. “Haikyu!!” is a story of a boy Hinata Shoyo who is determined and focused on becoming an amazing volleyball player despite his short height. He is the protagonist of the series who is very courageous, cute, and a bit clumsy. To become a great volleyball player, he worked very hard, faced all the obstacles that came in his path.

Within a few months after the release, the anime became a fan favourite. This had a lot of reasons. The storyline, plots, moreover the bond between the characters was the major reason behind this love.

Kenma was the volleyball team's setter and was referred to as the "heart" and "brain" of the team by his teammates. Kenma usually has a quiet, composed and analytical personality. He rarely loses his temper, and usually does not get too excited or fired-up about most things except video games and Kuroo Tetsuro.

KuroKen- The Fanship

Kenma's Love Interest?
Kenma and Kuro 

KuroKen is the slash ship between Tetsurō Kuroo and Kenma Kozume from the Haikyu!! fandom. Kuroo and Kenma both play together on Nekoma's volleyball team. Kuroo is the captain, while Kenma is his setter. They work together well and are quite the pair to be at once put up against them.

Kenma is quiet whereas Kuroo is the outspoken one which makes them the perfect duo. Because of Kenma's lack of interest to make friends of his own accord, Kuroo, who was around his age when he moved into Kenma's neighborhood, became his friend just due to their similar ages.

During their youth, Kenma being the attentive person he was even at that age, was sensitive to Kuroo's own shyness and often internally understood the latter's reasons for being so withdrawn at the time.

They have known each other since childhood. Even though Kuroo is a year older, it does not shift their dynamic in any way. They first met as neighbors and Kuroo taught Kenma how to play volleyball.

Kenma is the quiet type but still decided to play with Kuroo. They have stuck together ever since going to the same middle school, and high school, and joining the same volleyball club.

Though the anime has not caught up yet, in the manga, Hinata Shouyou helps Kenma realize how fun volleyball could be. His whole life Kenma was not extremely addicted to the sport and only played it because it was there.

After being shown, he goes to Kuroo, bows, and thanks him for getting him into volleyball. Kuroo becomes extremely embarrassed and swiftly walks away, leaving Kenma wondering what got Kuroo acting so odd.

While growing up together, Kuroo was shown to actually be the more anxious and quiet of the two, even more than Kenma, until they started to get into volleyball and he opened up a lot more, particularly with Kenma's encouragement and understanding.

This, in turn, likely made Kuroo more aware of Kenma, too, as he seemed to easily read Kenma's moods, saying that Kenma wouldn't play volleyball unless he really wanted to do it, and that, in general, he wouldn't do something unless he really wanted to.

The two seem to have a very deep understanding of one another, and Kuroo often seems to understand Kenma's quieter and more introverted moods. These two are a fairly popular pairing. Their fanon selves do not stray far from the canon universe at all. In canon, Kuroo is somewhat protective over Kenma, but in fanfiction, that is doubled.

Kuroo is usually seen looking after Kenma; he once brought Kenma back to the team when the latter got lost in Miyagi, and he made sure Kenma ate during the summer training camp. Kenma also calls Kuroo by his nickname "Kuro". In the Cross Team Match game, Kenma stated that he had never failed a test because Kuroo teaches him before them.

A common storyline fiction these two share is when Kuroo leaves for college. Since Kuroo is a year older, he would obviously have to go to college first, leaving Kenma behind at Nekoma. This storyline leads to angst, and if they weren't already in an established relationship, pining. In fanfiction, Kuroo also often nicknames Kenma as 'kitten' because of how much he resembles the animal.

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