Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 9 Review | 'The Ace-Asahi'

Anime Mar 26, 2021

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 8, Nishinoya returned to the team but refused to play without Asahi, he who was called ‘The Ace’. In Haikyuu season 1 episode 9, when Karasuno’s coach arranged a game against the team of alumini, Asahi was forced to play and prove that he was called ‘The Ace’ for a reason.

As Nishinoya refused to play without Asahi and Keishin Ukai also refused to be the coach for the team, even with new great players the team was still incomplete. They still needed a coach who could keep an eye on everyone and guide them through the journey. They needed their Ace and their libero that was Asahi and Nishinoya. Sugawara tried to talk to Asahi to re-join the team but he was not ready.

Haikyuu season 1 episode 9 asahi
Haikyuu season 1 episode 9 | ‘The Ace- Asahi’

But he changed his mind when he saw Hinata and Kageyama playing in the court. Their teamwork was impressive. When he was standing outside the court he encountered  captain Daichi Sawamura. He had not met him after he had left the team. Sawamura said something to him which hit him hard. He gave Asahi the only reason he needed to join the team again.

Sawamura said that as long as he loved the game it was the only reason he need to comeback. On the other hand, Takkeda went to visit Keishin once again in the hope that if he would hear about their match with the Neko team, that was the cats team, maybe he would change his mind.

Keishin had some old relations with that team. It was also said that when the cats team and the crow team, that is Karasuno’s team, went against each other it was called ‘The Trash Can Battle’.  It had to be as iconic as it sounded.

As Keishin heard this, he was shocked as he remembered everything from the time when he used to play. Keishin agreed to be the coach but only for this match. Everybody was shocked to see Keishin on the court but he had other plans for the team.

Nishinoya the ace

Keishin had arranged a formidable team as he wanted to see every player’s potential. The team was called the Karasuno Town team. When Keishin was dividing the team they had two players less as Asahi didn’t join which clearly meant Nishinoya wouldn’t play as well.

The flashback also showed why Nishinoya and Asahi left the team. It was after they lost harshly in a match. Even though Nishinoya performed the best he could. Asahi was being blocked by the opponent team again and again.

He was heartbroken after the match which resulted in a heated argument between both of them and after that day Asahi never came to practice. But when he was passing by the court, Hinata saw him through the window and shouted his name very loudly.

Angry Keishin burst at him to join the team and he was not able to say no to him as he was his senior. Everybody was shocked to see Hinata and Kageyama’s teamwork which inspired Asahi as well and he thought that it is only his fear to get blocked again that was stopping him. He had to prove why he was called ‘The Ace’. And when he spiked the ball everybody was dumbstruck.

But will Asahi join the team on his own will? Will they win ‘The Trash Can Battle’ against the Neko team.

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