Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 5 Review | 'Karasuno Volleyball Club'

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 5, as Kageyama and Hinata were playing in sync, they were welcome to join Karasuno volleyball club.

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Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 5 Review

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 4, we saw that Hinata’s determination had no boundaries. He was so determined to be like his inspiration ‘The Little Giant’ that practicing for hours was not a big deal for him. In Haikyuu season 1 episode 5, as Kageyama and Hinata were playing in sync, they were welcome to join the Karasuno volleyball club.

With Sugawara’s guidance and Kageyama’s technique, Hinata’s skills were actually put to use. Kageyama’s sets started hitting Hinata’s hand every time. This freed Ryu up on the other side and they were able to win the 3-on-3 match against Tsukki, Yamaguchi, and Captain.

Tsukki was forced to change his blocking technique. Both Hinata and Kageyama were accepted as the official team members at the Karasuno High School volleyball club. They helped the team and became full-time members.

In time with the arrival of the volleyball team’s new teacher-in-charge, Ittetsu Akeda who announced that he was able to arrange a practice match with Aoba Johsai, a school with a top volleyball team.

Everyone was shocked about the fact that they had a match with a top volleyball team and even more curious about how Akeda was successful in setting a match with them.

As it was revealed later that the match had been set at one condition, which was that Kageyama had to be the setter throughout the game. Kageyama somehow didn’t seem much excited about the new match. As most of the team members at Aoba Johsai were Kageyama’s ex-team members who had now turned their backs on him.

That match deeply affected him as he believed that the worst thing for a setter was when there was no one to support his tosses. After that, he had trouble trusting anyone. But he saw this as a good opportunity and upon hearing the news, everybody at Karasuno began to work harder for the match.

They ran a proper analysis to measure up everyone’s potential and it was decided that Hinata’s spiking technique and quick reflexes were needed in the entire match. Hinata felt overwhelmed with the amount of pressure the practice added. He was unable to concentrate.

Unable to sleep the night before the match, his health got worse during the bus ride.

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