Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 3 Review | 'The Formidable Ally'

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 3, The Formidable Ally, we actually had a chance to see that a formidable rival can turn into a formidable ally with a little effort.

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Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 3 Review

Haikyuu season 1 episode 2, revolved around the Karasuno High School volleyball team setting the groundwork to teach the first years the importance of teamwork and how to build a good relationship with their teammates. In Haikyuu season 1 episode 3, The Formidable Ally, we actually had a chance to see that a formidable rival can turn into a formidable ally with a little effort.

As Hinata and Kageyama’s rivalry continued they started to act out in front of their seniors as well as the vice-principal. Being in a rivalry with one of your team members adds up a liability to the team.

Every team requires a good understanding among the team members which was lacking in Hinata and Kageyama. When Hinata and Kageyama encountered each other at the volleyball court they both were shocked to see each other and straight away began to argue with each other.

Kageyama was already famous for being a marvelous setter which somehow deeply disturbed Hinata as he also wanted to be someone who was recognized and was given nicknames as they were given to Kageyama. Teamwork was a major key element to winning which we could see in this episode.

Though Kageyama knew that Hinata had great athletic skills and quick reflexes, he always put him down. He even said that he didn’t need him in the match and would give every toss to Tanaka-san, one of their seniors.

Hinata felt bad after listening to this but instead of feeling down, he took it as a challenge to prove Kageyama wrong. When he was practicing with Sugawara, he asked why did Hinata compete with Kageyama so much knowing Kageyama was better skilled than him.

To which Hinata replied that as it was his first match and he faced a crushing defeat, he felt very bad that day. He wanted to be as skilled as Kageyama and wanted to defeat him one day.

He felt insecure about Kageyama as he was tall and strong and could do anything when it came to volleyball. He believed that if he could defeat a strong opponent like Kageyama he could surely defeat other strong opponents in the future as well.

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 3, Sugawara gave him a life-long lesson. He told home that they were on the same team and would be playing with each other instead of against each other, hence it was better to be his ally than the rival. They both fit each other well and if on the same team they could win any battle.

Tsukki and Yamaguchi

They even met for two more first years on the team. One was Tsukki who was 188 cm tall and the other was Yamaguchi, his friend. They looked like quite a competition to both of them as they were tall and strong. Tsukki even gave him a challenge when he called Kageyama his nickname ‘King of Court’.

He even talked about a match where Kageyama lost and was not a good setter for the team.  Hinata’s regular practice and hard work gave him a fruitful result when he was playing with Kageyama on the court he didn’t miss any shots and Kageyama even gave him a toss and him getting a chance for once in his life was more than enough.

But will they be able to win from the new threat that awaits them? Will they be able to hold a place in the team?

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