Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 25 Review | 'The Third Day'

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 25, As it is the third day after the tournament, Karasuno’s third years must decide if they should return for the spring tournament in the wake of a devastating loss to Aoba Johsai.

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Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 25 Review

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 24, Kageyama matched Oikawa point for point, and the game became deadlocked. But Kageyama scored personal points against Oikawa for his team.

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 25, As it is the third day after the tournament, Karasuno’s third years must decide if they should return for the spring tournament in the wake of a devastating loss to Aoba Johsai.

Aoba Johsai won the third round of the inter-high preliminaries. Karasuno’s team was heartbroken, especially Kageyama and Hinata. Hinata’s face was completely numb for a few minutes.

Both of them wanted to cry but they were trying to hold back their tears. It was the third day since they lost to Aoba Johsai. The practice was constantly canceled by coach Ukai.

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Even though everybody was busy with their daily classes, no one was paying attention to what was being taught in class. Their minds were still wandering to the mistakes they made in the match.

Even though Karasuno was not performing well for the past many years, they were affected the most this time as Daichi and other third-years really hoped to win this time as they had players like Kageyama and Hinata on their side.

The match was deadlocked till the end, no one was ready to give up. Oikawa may not be as qualified as Kageyama but he had more experience than him when it came to being a setter. On the other hand, Daichi was thinking to quit volleyball.

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This loss affected him so much that he didn’t want to continue volleyball anymore. He felt like he should hand over the volleyball club to the second and first years. Sugawara and Asahi were determined to continue with the volleyball club, as them being third-year students, were about to leave the high school soon.

They wanted to use their last few months to enjoy their joyful school days. By seeing them this determined towards volleyball, Daichi changed his mind. The principal of the school was worried about the third year.

As this was their final year and none of them received any sports scholarship. This clearly meant that to continue the studies they needed good marks to enter qualified universities.

Mr. Takeda tried to explain to them that they should not think about this through their present feelings and make decisions they would regret in five or ten years.

On the other hand, Yamaguchi was sad as he was the one who was always standing at the side of the court instead of playing. He wanted others to trust him the way they trusted Hinata and Kageyama. He wanted to be fast like them, he wanted to play like them.

Shimada told him about his experience that just like him he was not a good player himself. He was average so when he scored the point for the first time, it was only possible after many hours of practice. As practice was the only thing that made a person perfect.

Hinata was feeling gloomy to a point that he didn’t even have his lunch. He went straight to the gymnasium where he spotted Kageyama. Without saying a word both of them started practicing alone.

While practicing both of them thought about how Aoba Johsai would be playing satisfactorily right then. The thought of this made them extremely angry. Both of them lashed out, Hinata started running and shouting and Kageyama started throwing balls towards the wall.

They didn’t cry, instead, they decided to take out their anger this way. After both of them were done, Kageyama promised Hinata that he won’t apologize anymore instead he would never toss a ball for which he would need to apologize.

Just in time Kiyoko arrived and told them it was okay to lose. Losing was the first step toward winning. Everyone returned to practice.

The third-year decided to stay on the volleyball team despite the pressure that they had from the principal. Even Ukai was shocked yet happy to see the positive attitude, the team players had.

When Ukai came he informed us that the Shiratorizawa’s won against Aoba Johsai. So now they had to go against an even stronger team.

As of now, the team was back on track. What did the future hold for them?