Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 24 Review |'Deadlocked'

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 24, Kageyama matched Oikawa point for point and the game became deadlocked. But Kageyama scored personal points with Oikawa for his team.

Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 24 Review |'Deadlocked'

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 23, as Aoba Johsai crusied towards victory, coach Ukai faced some radical decicions. Pressure mounted and mistakes were made. Does Karasuno still have a chance? In Haikyuu season 1 episode 24, Kageyama matched Oikawa point for point and the game became deadlocked. But Kageyama scored personal points with Oikawa for his team.

Because of Ukai’s correct strategy and  Karasuno’s perfect execution, they were equal to the Aoba Johsai’s. Both the teams were exhausted but no one was ready to give up. Now both the teams were at match point, whichever team scored two points first, was the winner. This was the moment Kageyama was waiting for. He always wanted to win against Oikawa and his Junior high team mates as their rivalry still continued. Just two points more and any one team would taste victory. Both Karasuno and Aoba Johsai had equal points. If one team was ahead of the other with one point, the other team filled it. The match was neck to neck. It was hard to predict which team was going to win the match and get closer to the inter-high preliminaries.

Haikyuu season 1 epidsoden 24 |'Deadlocked'
Haikyuu season 1 epidsoden 24 |’Deadlocked’

The tension was high around the gymnasium. Every time the ball was tossed, hearts started thumping louder. The Karasuno’s were tired as it was their second match at a go. They had their previous match with Date Tech and after a very short break, they were called for their second match. Further in the match, around the thirty-third point, it was Oikawa’s turn to serve. The gymnasium was extremely quiet. Oikawa was known for his direct serves. As we had seen this in the previous matches, he had the ability to score points through direct serves. Before the third set started, Oikawa already explained his team what he observed about the Karasuno’s team.

Oikawa knew that as the Karasuno had been playing without breaks so they will all get tired by the start of the final set. He kept one spiker Kunimi in the team completely idle to save his energy so that he could use Kunimi at last when all of the other team members would be exhausted. Kageyama observed this as Kunimi used to play with him in junior high and he was never this energetic while playing. When he scored a point for his team, he was extremely happy which Kageyama found quite weird. As the team was equal in points, only one more point was needed and one of the teams would win the third round of Inter High Preliminaries.

Oikawa knew Kageyama since junior high. He was well aware of his nature and his habits. He was even aware of one of his fine quality of not trusting other people, not even his own team members. But Karasuno’s team mates made him feel comfortable and he’d evolved with them and started to trust them. But Oikawa always considered trust a weak quality in a person, especially, in someone like Kageyama. But if, Kageyama started trusting his team mates he could easily become a true king rather than a dictator as trust was the only thing which acted as the foundation of any team and kept the team intact. Oikawa was sure about that whenever Kageyama would get a chance he would go for the ‘Demon Quick Attack’.

Team Karasuno
Team Karasuno

It was a real thing how Kageyama and Hinata’s relationship changed in the past few matches. They turned from nemesis to very close friends. When Oikawa served, it was one of the best serves in the whole match. It was well received by Daichi but when it went straight to the opponents side ther attempt to score failed Nishinoya received it. When it was Kageyama’s turn to toss the ball he went for the demon quick attack. The Aoba Johsai’s were already prepared. Hinata was blocked and the point went to Aoba Johsai.

Everybody in the Karasuno’s team was heartbroken but especially Kageyama and Hinata. Hinata was numb for a few minutes. Both of them wanted to cry but they were trying to hold back their tears. When it was break time, Kageyama tried to apologise to Hinata. This made Hinata angry since he didn’t believe it was not Kageyama’s fault that they lost. He punched Kageyama right in his face. Just in time Takkeda came and consoled both of them saying that it was not a big issue that they lost today but what mattered the most was that they didn’t give up till the end.

Will heartbroken Karasuno be able to pull themselves back from this loss?

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