Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 23 Review | 'Turning Point'

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 23, as Aoba Johasi crusied towards victory, coach Ukai faced some radical decicions. Pressure mounted and mistakes were made, but one moment turned out to be the turning moment of the match.  Does Karasuno still have a chance?

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Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 23 Review

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 22, Kageyama tried to figure out the individual strengths of each player and Tsukishima created a new battle plan that could prove Karasuno’s might. In Haikyuu season 1 episode 23, as Aoba Johasi cruised towards victory, coach Ukai faced some radical decisions.

Pressure mounted and mistakes were made, but one moment turned out to be the turning moment of the match.  Does Karasuno still have a chance?

As Karasuno won the second set both the teams were at an equal stand. Both the teams won one set each, so it was time for the third and final set. The whole gymnasium was tense. Everybody could feel the nervousness in the air.

Karasuno had a hidden strategy that the opponent team wasn’t aware of, giving them an upper hand in the game. But Oikawa’s direct serve was the most difficult thing to cross in the whole match. On the other side of the court, the Aoba Johsai were trying to find a way to stop Kageyama and Hinata. Kageyama and Hinata together were unbeatable.

As the third set started, both the teams were playing very carefully. Aoba Johsai wasn’t wasting any chance to score points as that was the most crucial and important thing in this final set.

The competition was somehow neck to neck but suddenly, because of Oikawa’s perfect serves, Aoba Johsai took the lead. The tension prevailed in the Karasuno team. They were only able to score when Hinata was in the front.

The rotation of the team members in the match was causing problems for the Karasuno. Sometimes, due to rotation, Hinata was off the court and it became way more difficult to score a point.

The coach of Aoba Johsai believed that Hinata was like a little monster that was growing frustrated in the warm-up zone. Every time he got a chance at the court, he lashed out to score a point.  In a few short moments, Karasuno lost many points to Aoba Johsai.

When it was Hinata’s chance to serve, that was when Yamaguchi raised his card. He wanted to swap places with Hinata. Even though Hinata was aware that, that would change the flow of the match, he still was not ready to lose to Yamaguchi as he was a weak player as compared to the other players.

When Yamaguchi entered the court, there was a shift in the atmosphere. As Yamaguchi swapped places with Hinata, it was his responsibility to serve properly. Yamaguchi was taking secret lessons from one of the members who were in the Karasuno town team. That member, being in the audience at that time, got worried since he knew Yamaguchi was not that good when it came to serving the ball directly.

And that was exactly what happened. When Yamaguchi served, the ball touched the net giving a free point to the opponent team. As Ukai could feel that the match was going out of their, hands he called for a timeout.

He wanted to change the flow of the match but he was facing problems in deciding the correct strategy that the team should follow at this point. Ukai suggested that instead of staying at the decided positions, the team should use the full court in their side.

When they returned to the court after the time out, Kageyama was looking for the right opportunity to use the strategy given by coach Ukai. And as they got it, the coach’s strategy turned out to be perfect for the match.

After that, the teams were hell-bent on winning the match. Even though both the teams were running out of energy to play any further, neither of them was ready to give up. Aoba Johsai scored another point.

That is when the match got tenser, Aoba Johsai’s were now one step ahead in the inter-high preliminaries. But losing to Aoba Johsai was not an option for the Karasuno, especially for Kageyama as he had a personal rivalry with Oikawa and Kindaichi.

Somehow, with the team’s dedicated effort, both the teams had equal points. As now they have equal match points, who will win the match?