Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 22 Review | 'Evolution'

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 22, Evolution. Kageyama tried to figure out the individual strengths of each player, and Tsukishima created a new battle plan that can prove Karasuno’s might.

Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 22 Review | 'Evolution'

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 21, when Suga subbed for Kageyama, the senpai’s true abilities shone and Hinata kept the opponents guessing. Karasuno took the lead, but Aoba Johsai refused to bow down. In Haikyuu season 1 episode 22, Evolution. Kageyama tried to figure out the individual strengths of each player, and Tsukishima created a new battle plan that can prove Karasuno’s might.

In between the first set Sugawara used his chance to replace Kageyama. Kageyama was bewildered throughout the whole match. Defeating a strong team like Aoba Johsai was already quite stressful and Kageyama losing himself was not an option.

Ukai and Suga both were aware of the fact that Kageyama had a rivalry with Oikawa and many players from Aoba Johsai as they all went to the same junior high. If Kageyama lost the match to Aoba Johsai, he would be heartbroken.

Haikyuu season 1 episode 22 review | 'Evolution'
Haikyuu season 1 episode 22 review | ‘Evolution’

Suga and Hinata even made a special strategy. Suga made some signs to direct them about the attack they were going to pull off so that the opponent team was unaware about it. As Suga stepped in, he handled everything well and that is when Kageyama realised where he was going wrong.

Kageyama always had a frown on his face and he never communicated with others such as Tsukki and Yamaguchi which was not a good quality. During the second set, Kageyama raised his chance of getting the chance to go back on court. He replaced himself as the setter at Suga’s place.

As Kageyama stepped in he was determined to win. The desperation was visible in his eyes. Hinata informed him about the change in strategies. They were going to use the signs made by their senior, Sugawara. As Kageyama served his first shot, he pulled off one point in a direct toss. Everybody was shocked to see Kageyama’s shot as they thought only Oikawa could pull that off. Even though Kageyama was able to give proper tosses to Hinata, Tanaka and Asahi, he still had no communication with Tsukki. Whenever Tsukishima tried to spike Kageyama’s tosses he failed. Kageyama and Tsukishima didn’t like each other.

Despite being in the same team, they had their differences. Sugawara advised Kageyama that he should keep a verbal connection with every team member, especially the spikers. As the spiker should be able to understand what the setter is saying through his eyes.

When the Karasuno’s asked for their last time out, Kageyama tried to talk to Tsukki. Tsukki explained to Kageyama needed a more consistent toss as sometimes his shots were either way too fast or way too short. This is the major reason he was not able to spike the ball properly to the opponents side of the court. During the next toss, Kageyama made sure that he gave Tsukki a consistent toss.

As Kageyama tossed the ball to Tsukki, he went for a faint shot. Clearly the Aoba Johsai’s team was not prepared for this. Tsukki was able to spike every ball properly after that. The competition was neck to neck but Karasuno’s had the second set under their control.

The Karasuno’s won the second set. As Oikawa, Kageyama and Kindaichi went to the same junior high, they always had a sense of rivalry against each other. Kageyama was a version of Oikawa.

Aoba Johsai
Aoba Johsai

In his junior days, Oikawa was as same as the present Kageyama. He always wanted to win against every match and he did but winning against The Shiratorizawa’s was always a hard challenge. He was short tempered and wanted to control the whole team.

He just wanted to play and play without realising that  he needed to rest too. But one day, when Kageyama came to Oikawa for a help he lashed out. That is when Kindaichi and Oikawa had a heated moment which soon turned into a fight.

Kindaichi explained him that he did not need to be so angry and desperate all the time. It was not just him playing on behalf of the whole team.

The team is formed with every member in it. The day Oikawa received his Best Setter Award, he was very happy, even though he was not able to win against the Shiratorizawa’s. He promised that one day he would play against Kageyama and win.

This long rivalry was still going on even though they went through all those years alone. Oikawa understood that Kageyama had a change since he talked to Suga after the first set. He was angry but he told his team members to thrash the opponents in the final set.

Now as both of the teams are equal by winning one set each, who would win the final set and proceed to the inter- high preliminaries?

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