Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 16 Review | 'Iron Wall'

Anime Apr 4, 2021

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 15 , as Karasuno wammed in for their first match the crowd doubted that they were the champions they used to be. Can a new coach and two new players prove them wrong? In Haikyuu season 1 episode 16, after the girls lose, the boys promised victory. Nishinoya made a rousing speech, but Karasuno still must find a way to break Date Tech’s “Iron Wall”.

As Karasuno had their first match with the Tokonami’s volley ball team, the excitement was very high in both the teams as well as others in the audience. The Karasuno and Tokonami team were against each other for the first match.

Haikyuu season 1 episode 16 | 'Iron Wall'
Haikyuu season 1 episode 16 | ‘Iron Wall’

When the match started, everybody was shocked to see Karasuno’s performance. Within the first few minutes of the match they showed everyone what they truly were. Especially when Hinata scored his first point in the match, everybody was dumbstruck.

Karasuno proved that they were a strong competitor. They were being underestimated because of their past performances. Ikireji was shocked to see that Sawamura’s team was performing so well. He was amazed to see their dedication and determination towards volleyball.

It reminded him of his junior high school days when once in a match they won the first round but they knew that their opponent for the second round was strong but Sawamura’s dedication kept them going. Even though they lost that day in junior high, Sawamura’s words stuck in Ikireji’s mind.

The Girls Karasuno Volley Ball Team
The Girls Karasuno Volley Ball Team

During the break when Ikireji was reminisce over old memories, he slowly muffed-“You will never win if you don’t try”. Even though Ikireji thought things like these sounded like a joke when said by him, it actually worked for the team.

After listening to these words the team was uplifted. They were more determined now. Sawamura was ecstatic to see Ikireji’s determination as he never saw him this serious for volleyball like he saw him that day.

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The Karasuno’s won the first match with flying colours. Hinata couldn’t believe that they actually won. Everybody was happy including Ukai, Takkeda and Kiyoko. On the other hand, the girls volleyball team wasn’t doing too good but the captain of the team Michimiya was in deep on her friend Sawamura’s words. She didn’t want to give up without even trying.

Even though they tried their best they lost the match. One of the team members was sad that they lost the match but Michimiya was trying her best to cheer her up until she was called by the teacher.

Michimiya cried very hard as they tried their best but still lost. Now as Karasuno won the first round, they had their second match with the Iron Team the Date Tech. Date Tech was the very reason why Asahi left the team.

He was disheartened after losing the match to Date Tech that he decided to leave the team and Nishinoya went with him too. Nishinoya and Suga already knew how stressed Asahi was to play against Date Tech. Suga personally went up to Hinata and Kageyama to inform them about the tension.

Date Tech Iron Wall
Date Tech Iron Wall

During practice, Nishinoya cheered them on by saying that all they have to do was stay in the game and as the libero of the team he always had their back.

With such uplifting words and constant support of team members, will the team be able to find a way to block Date Tech’s Iron Wall?

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