Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 15 Review | 'Karasuno's Revival'

Anime Apr 3, 2021

In Haikyuu season 1 episode 14, as Karasuno conducted its last practice, the manager presented the team with an inspiring gift and the boys honed their skills for the real showdown. In Haikyuu season 1 episode 15, as Karasuno was in for their first match the crowd doubted that they were the champions they used to be. They had to prove Karasuno’s revival. Can a new coach and two new players prove them wrong?

As the day of the first match came, everyone was very excited. Each team from their respective prefectures could be seen at the inter-high preliminaries. Every team was preparing themselves for this big day.

The Karasuno’s were extremely excited and nervous for the inter-high preliminaries. This was there only chance to prove everyone wrong. Due to Karasuno’s constantly deteriorating performances in the matches, they were considered to be a weak team. They were given nicknames such as the ‘Fallen Kings’ or ‘Flightless Crows’.

Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 15 | 'Karasuno's Revival'
Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 15 | ‘Karasuno’s Revival’


This was their chance to show everyone that they were still in the game. All the teams were gathered at the gymnasium and in the halls. Two players from another team were talking how Karasuno was not considered a competition anymore.

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Tanaka took offense but Sawamura stopped him from fighting as he wanted to keep this part for the match. He wanted to prove people wrong through their performance instead of fighting in the halls. Sawamura’s junior high school friend, Ikireji spotted him at the entrance but he was not able approach him.

As the team went near the gymnasium they spotted one of their opponent team Date Tech. Date Tech was a very strong team with players of big and strong stature. Even they had an Ace.

Date Tech karasuno
Date Tech

There was a heated moment between both the teams but the respective captains handled the situation. That’s when Ikireji called Sawamura from behind and both of them finally encountered each other.

Both of them were ecstatic to see each other as it was the first time they were meeting each other after their junior high farewell. Ikireji felt like Sawamura had changed since junior high as he was tall and strong and the captain of the team. But as they promised to crush each other in the junior high, they did so again. They were happy to play against each other. Even Aoba Johsai was spotted.

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Karasuno had their first practice match with Aoba Johsai. They won that match but the rivalry continued. With the final whistle the match started, the captain and other members of the Aoba Johsai team spotted that the opponent team looked a little different from what they saw last time. They noticed that the team got a new libero and a new tall player and a coach with them.

Hinata 'Number 10' karasuno
Hinata ‘Number 10’

The Karasuno and Tokonami were against each other for the first match. When the match started everybody was shocked to see Karasuno’s performance. Within the first few minutes of the match they showed everyone what they truly were. Especially when Hinata scored his first point in the match, everbody was dumbstruck.

As the Karasuno’s took the lead, will they win the match and clear the first step to reach the inter-high preliminaries?

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