Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 11 Review | 'Decision'

As there were only a few days left before the big day arrived, the team was working very hard to prove themselves in front of everyone.

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Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 11 Review | 'Decision'

In Haikyuu Season 1 Episode 10, Coach Ukai evaluates the skill set of the duo Hinata and Kageyama. Now he must decide who will make up the starting line. In Haikyuu season 1 episode 11, at training camp, Hinata receives his jersey which had the same number that his idol, ‘The Little Giant’ wore. Now, as the team was complete coach Ukai must make the big decision that who will be the setter for the team.

As there were only a few days left before the big day arrived, the team was working very hard to prove themselves in front of everyone.

They had to win the ‘Trash Can Battle’ at any cost as it was the best time for Karasuno to prove that they were still in the game. Coach Ukai was being very hard on the players as when it came to receiving the spikes every one except Nishinoya was bad at receiving the ball.

Hinata was very happy at the training camp and he got even happier when he received his jersey at the time of practice. He got the jersey of ‘Number 10’. The senior players told him that it was the same number jersey, his idol, ‘The Little Giant’ wore.

He took it as a sign from the universe. The next day when everybody was running around the prefecture, Hinata being himself tried to win from everyone and got lost. As he looked behind him and found no one, he thought he left everyone behind.

Just in time as he was trying to see if his teammates were coming, he spotted someone sitting at the bench playing with his phone. As Hinata moved forward to see who it was he saw volleyball shoes in the bag of the boy.

Hinata delightfully asked him if he also played volleyball and who he was. The boy told Hinata his name. He was Kenma Kozune from Nekoma high, the same team who would be their opponent in the upcoming match.

But unaware of the fact that Kenma is from the Neko team Hinata tried to extend the conversation by asking what his position was and many more things until Kenma was called by one of his teammates. While leaving Kenma said ‘see you again’ to Hinata which probably meant that they will meet again in the match but Hinata didn’t understand it.

As the days we're moving forward, coach Ukai had to decide who would be the setter for the team. He was crushed by the pressure as he had to choose between Kageyama and Sugawara. According to him, Sugawara was more experienced than Kageyama but he didn’t have a great technique like Kageyama.

He was also considering the fact that as Sugawara was a third-year student, this was his last chance to be the setter for the team. As these were the memories he would cherish with himself forever, he didn’t want to hurt Sugawara in any way.

But Sugawara confronted him himself and said that he should not think about any other thing. He should only make his decision thinking about what was best for the team. Sugawara told him it would be best if Kageyama was the setter instead of him as he knew that even though he was experienced he was not as good as him.

When Sugawara was talking to the coach, Asahi and Daichi overheard the conversation from behind the wall and promised themselves they would not let him down at any cost. Finally, the big day came and they were standing right in front of the cats.

Now, who will win this ‘Trash Can Battle’?