Haikyuu!! Announces New 10 Projects In Jump Festa

What are the plans for Haikyuu's 10th Anniversary in Jump Festa?

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Haikyuu's 10th Anniversary Plans

Haikyuu is one of the most talked-about anime these days. Fans have been waiting for the announcement of season 5 but there is no official news yet.

So everyone is waiting for Jump Festa, especially Haikyuu!! Announcement about season 5 but seems like they have different plans for now.

Jump Festa 2022 was held on 18 December 2021. It is an annual exposition in Japan. Basically an event, all about manga and anime, sponsored by Shueisha.

It is held every year at Makuhari Tokyo, Japan. During this event, new manga, anime, films, games, and merchandise are introduced.

During the Jump Festa, Haikyuu announced that it is currently working on 10 major projects to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its birth in 2022. Out of 10 major projects, 4 projects have already been announced.

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Haikyuu's 10th Anniversary Plans?

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Haikyuu Characters 

1. New Key Visuals

Mr Kodate decided to draw key visuals of “Haikyu !!” To remember the 10th anniversary of Haikyuu. Characters as of 2022 are drawn, and Kuroo and Kenma are already revealed.

They will keep on revealing characters' visuals one after another, and the completed version will be revealed next year.

2. A Short Radio Drama

A short radio drama will be produced as a second project. It will be a short drama, written by Mr Kodate himself, that centres around the daily life of the characters.

The drama will start broadcasting in 2022 on the WEB radio “Kasuno High School Broadcasting Club”.

3. Collaboration With V-League

For the third project Haikyuu!! Is doing a collaboration with V.League, Japan’s top-level semi-professional volleyball league for both men and women.

The match event will be held in Tokyo in August 2022. A key visual was also released for this collaboration by Mr Kodate.

4. A Haikyuu Exhibition

The fourth project is an exhibition to commemorate the completion of the serialization. The exhibition is also entitled “Haikyu !! Exhibition FINAL”.

Mr Kodate’s handwritten manuscripts and colour illustrations exhibited so far, many new things to be added.

Decorating the finale of the exhibition will last for about a year and a half (Held at Ikebukuro / Sunshine City )

That’s all announced in the Jump Festa featuring Haikyuu. These projects look very interesting considering the amount of hype Haikuu has achieved as an anime. It may look like an ordinary anime but has a lot of emotions.

Fans are still waiting for the announcement of season 5. Well, we hope it comes as soon as possible.  

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