Great Teacher Onizuka: Best Manga One Should Read!

Great Teacher Onizuka is also known as GTO, it is a Japanese manga series which is written and drawn by the author Tooru Fujisawa.

Great Teacher Onizuka: Best Manga One Should Read!

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Great Teacher Onizuka is also known as GTO, it is a Japanese manga series which is written and drawn by the author Tooru Fujisawa. Manga was firstly published in kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine from the year January 1997 to 2002 , also with the chapters binded into 27 volumes or chapters. The mamga plot focuses on 22-year-old ex-boss member Eikichi Onizuka who is later known as great teacher onizuka, he becomes a teacher at a private middle school in order to live a stress free life. Great Teacher Onizuka starts off from the main character Eikichi Onizuka who is a 22-year-old ex-gang member and a virgin too. He is a pervert who peepup girls’ skirts at a local mall, later on Onizuka meets a girl agrees to go out with him. Onizuka’s then attempts to sleep with her which eventually fails when her current boyfriend her teacher, who shows up at the love hotel in which they are staying and also asks the girl to return back.

Onizuka, after watching this kind of display of a teacher’s power over girls he later decides to become a teacher by himself.However, he earns his teaching degree at a 2nd rate college which is considered bad. During this, he discovers two important things one that he has a conscience and another that he have a sense of morality too. Which means that taking advantage of girls is impossible for him, but their mothers are a different matter as they are more attractive. He enjoys teaching and imparting life lessons on top of it. He hates the systems of traditional education when the eduactuon system is too ignorant regarding real world problems.

After realizing this, he wants to become the greatest teacher, using his own mind and his own teaching methods he want to do something good. He is hired as a long term teacher, in Kichijoji school  to maintain a class that is said in related to death of a teacher  and is not disciplined and do mischievous stuff everytime. Onizuka story follows when he sets on a mission of self-discovery by helping each student one by one as he can, and helping each student to overcome their problems and learn to enjoy their life to the fullest. He uses methods that would be unorthodox, different and nit in accordance with the law just to teach students something important.

Is Great Teacher Onizuka Really worth Reading?

Great Teacher Onizuka is quite enjoyable. One can read this manga all  day without getting bored in the meantime. All the arc of this manga is quite intriguing, and the thing is you cant predict what will happen next in this series. Great Teacher Onizuka is a wonderful manga series that can be picked up by anyone who is interested into this. This manga is quite hilarious, dramatic, heartwarming fun contained in 25 volumes or chapters. It’s inspiring in many ways as the series tend to deals with the problems of real life. GTO is that one manga which is too awesome and outstanding to be ignored as it contains its own flaws too.