7 Most Stylish Anime Characters Who Just Happen to be Gothic

The Gothic have a distinct lifestyle, in most situations both charming and enigmatic.

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The gothic lifestyle can be connected to darkness, vampires, morbidity, mystical quintessence, insidious sin and sadistic personages. Being gothic has a more progressive meaning. The Gothic have a distinct lifestyle, in most situations both charming and enigmatic.

Also, it’s about finding beauty in dark places. Anyone who is darkly inclined can be a Goth. There are a lot of anime characters who have adapted the gothic culture so effortlessly. In this article, we will take a look at the best gothic anime characters out there in the anime world.

7. Nana Osaki


Don't you think it's quite certain why Nana Osaki is on our list? She was a goth character. Look at her dark hair, clothing and makeup and I repeat everything. Nana Osaki is one of the main characters in the anime “Nana”.

The episodes are really well made and you really get into the scene when you start watching the anime. Nana Osaki is shown to be a rock singer, which is very clear because of her outfit. A lead singer of her band and was looking forward to becoming a very famous singer one day

6. Kurumi Tokisaki

kurumi sitting on a wall clock fan art

As far as we talk about her looks, we have to say that she is a perfect example of a gothic character. Kurumi is the main character of the comedy, harem and sci-fi anime series “Date A Live”. As we see in the anime Kurumi has a double or split personality. One of her personalities is of a nice, caring and sweet schoolgirl who talks shyly and slowly, while the other is of a psychopathic killer.

5. Celestia Ludenberg

celestia introducing herself

A -perfect example of Gothic Lolita. Celestia is the supporting character of the very famous psychological anime series 'Danganronpa'. It is shown in the anime that it would be hard for them to get admitted to Hope's Peak Academy, but if you get into the academy you get a title representing your skills and traits. A very surprising yet meaningful storyline, one should definitely watch.

4. Misa Amane

misa staring at something

Misa Amane, from 'Death Note', is on this list because of her dressing style. A Gothic Punk Rocker. The only thing different about her is that she is different from different people. Same as Nana Osaki. On one hand, they both are fun-loving and friendly people but they have a dark side too.

3. Re-L Mayer

re-l mayer looking surprised

If you are a fan of mysterious anime then here you go with the amazing and eye-draining anime ‘Ergo Proxy’. Re-L Mayer is the main female character of this anime series. She is the granddaughter of a very great ruler Romdo. She has got each and every skill of her grandfather. When some task is given to her, we see that she changes her personality from time to time. When some task is on her she is cold and detached while on other days she is normal and kind.

2. Maria Naruse

fan art of maria

A well known main character of the supernatural harem, ecchi anime series ‘Shinmai Maou No Testament’. Most of you must be aware of this anime if you are into ecchi animes. In this anime, Maria is the guardian of Mio, who is an offspring of a devil.  She made it to the list because of her clothing which is mostly of a black sort of Victorian outfit, which is so admiring.  We can say that she is a gothic loli as she looks quite young for her age and also because of her dressing style.

1.  Yomi Takanashi

fan art of the anime

Yomi Takanashi, is one of the main and the titular characters of the anime 'Black Rock Shooter'. She is a true example of someone who is into the gothic culture. As she wears all black and has dark hair. It is also seen in the manga that her dress is way too similar to all the gothic characters.  We have seen literally all sides of her from her being kind to savage.