Why is Golgo 13 Manga so popular?

Golgo 13 Manga is a manga series which is written and drawn by the author Takao Saito, which is also printed in Comic Magazine in 1968.

Golgo 13: Manga Review

Golgo 13 Manga is the oldest ongoing manga series which is written and drawn by the author Takao Saito, which is also printed in Comic Magazine in 1968. Golgo 13 Manga won the Shogakukan Manga Award in the year 1978 for the general manga and also won the Grand Prize in the year 2002 at Japan Cartoonists Association Awards as well.

The story is about a professional assassin. Golgo 13 Manga is the oldest manga to be considered and is the 2nd most selling in the sale. It has sold over 300 million copies making it the top most selling seinen manga. The trend doesn’t end here it has been produced into 6 video games, anime adaptations as well as live-action shows.

Golgo 13 Summary

Golgo 13 Manga is the story of Duke Togo who is a professional assassin. His identity is unknown, where he comes from, his birthplace, his race everything is unknown about him which makes him quite mysterious. His companion includes Tadashi Togo and he usually targets using an M-16 which is one of the best guns.

Duke Togo’s personality is quite simple he doesn’t like to speak very much and will kill anyone who disturbs him without showing any signs of emotions. He is also a professional assassin and he does the hi job very well.

His killings include killing a violin string and killing big gang leaders of criminal organizations and also include political figures which is always a subject of criticism for Golgo 13. In the earlier stages, the US military was ready to assassinate him as well as FBA, and CIA.

It caused Togo to always look after himself as many countries hire professional assassins to kill him in any manner possible, they just want him dead. So, he has always been cautious and varied about his surroundings.

Duke also hires many different professional people to do jobs for him which includes collecting data about a person and any information as well as people who can modify different cars, vehicles as well as guns too.

The name “Golgo 13” is also a reference to the death of Jesus Christ, In Golgo the name is short for Golgotha, the place of Jesus’ crucifixion, while the number 13 is considered an unlucky number in various cultures as well as traditions. His logo is a skull wearing a crown of thorns which looks unique.

Duke Togo’s past is a sort of shrouded in mystery. Even though his Asian appearance suggests that he may be of Japanese origin, many of Golgo 13’s stories have presented different views about his real self while also telling contradicting viewpoints about Golgo, which leaves the audience to guess about his true identity.

In the series, it is quite inevitably known that he may be the biological father of many different children all over the world as he has many sexual encounters with different women throughout the series which is quite humorous and shapes his appearance or personality in a different limelight.

Several incidents present in the series are shown in the real-time world which is quite mind-blowing. Golgo’s real age is also unknown and he have also a lot of scars around his body.

How many volumes does Golgo 13 have?

With 53 years under its belt, Golgo 13 is the oldest manga still being published today (and only one short hiatus, in 2020). The tankbon edition has 198 volumes published as of September 2020, whereas the bunkoban version has 160 volumes.