Golden Time Manga: One of the Best Romantic Manga?

Manga Apr 29, 2021

Golden Time Manga starts off with main protagonist of the story Banri Tada who gets admission in Tokyo Law College. One of the incidents changed his life as he gets amnesia after feeling from the bridge and lost all his memories before that.

During the first day Banri find himself completely lost as his personality has also changed after that incident he looks here and there nervously and finds Mitsuo Yanagisawa, and they soon began in a conversation.

Golden Time Manga
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There arrives another important character the female character Koko who is in love with Mitsuo with pack of roses it very interesting scene as both Mitsuo and Tada remains awe struck, but Mitsuo told Koko to not do so, as she openly exhibits her love for Mitsuo.

Koko make Mitsuo remind that during childhood they had promised each other to marry. To get off koko Mitsuo took admission in  private college but Koko uses all her connections to get information about Mitsuo.

Later on in the story Banri meets Linda who was also her childhood friend and that he doesn’t know due to his memory loss. Later on in the series Banri got in relation with Koko and sometimes got flashbacks of his past memories, which starts conflict with Koko and Tada.

Golden Time Manga anime adaptation is one of the best romantic series to watch if you are romantic manga lover or into this stuff. It also have blink of comedy scenes or scenes that will make you cry. It is an overall roller coaster to watch of emotions. Later on Banri gets his memories back and break up witk Koko and goes to Linda her childhood friend which is auite heartbreaking.

Golden Time is almost like puzzle we have to gather all the pieces together which we get in different chapters and episodes and link them together. It is interesting to watch the relationship how it grows and break up scenes which are heartbreaking how people took blame on themselves it is quite similar to real life. Anime adaptation is done by J.C staff and they did a great job. Flashbacks are the key element in the manga and anime as how it changes the whole story.

Golden Time keep the viewer bound to see that what will happen next will they date or not. Romance element is quite good. Story progression is also good. Character building and relation building is quite good too. It sees like a real story rather than an anime adaptation or manga.Romance like real life is quite hard to come by recently as one overdid the comedy in romance. But this manga balance everything well.

Golden Time Manga
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One of the main thing that makes this anime interesting is comedy relief. The humour used in the anime is quite wisely used. The conversation between senior and juniors in the college is good. The romantic element is good as mentioned earlier. Friendship  between different characters is quite good too they help each other in any given situation. Sound effects in the anime is good too.


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