Goblin Kdrama: Why is this so Controversial?

Goblin: The Lonely and Great God.Why is Goblin Kdrama so popular?Does Goblin Kdrama have a happy ending?Does Goblin die at the end?Why did the Grim Reaper cry in Goblin?

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One of the most popular Kdramas made by the TvN network, South Korea is Goblin. Goblin released in 2016, December and ended in 2017. Goblin was one of the highest-rated dramas of that season and set the bars of Korean drama even higher. Following the success of Goblin, many shows parodied or referenced Goblin and the OSTs of the dramas. One of the best OSTs of the drama Stay With Me was sung by Chanyeol from EXO and Punch.

Another popular OST Round and Round by Heize was so catching, that it makes you wanna listen to the song at the repeated infinite loop.

What is the story of Goblin Kdrama?

Goblin is a supernatural and mystery Kdrama about a Goblin who was punished to live eternally and can be killed by a human bride who can pull out an invisible sword that is struck to his chest Seems confusing but mysterious right?

Kim Shin was a popular general who was gaining more recognition than the king of the Goryeo dynasty.  

The King married Kim Shin’s sister but killed her right in front of him due to madness and jealousy. Kim Shin was also killed as a result. But the heaven wrath was far from over. The heaven animated an already dead Kim Shin and he exacted his revenge on the king or he tried to.

But, in a plot twist, He did not kill the king. The former king, was the Grim Reaper, who sadly committed suicide and was stuck as the circle of rebirth stopped for him. The cruel joke of fate was far from over.

His sister was reincarnated and fell in love with the Grim Reaper again! Guess, that’s what fated lovers are!  The Goblin’s nephew rents his house to a Grim reaper and soon begins a cohabitation with the Goblin, The Goblin’s bride (Eun Tak), Human and nephew Deok Hwa and the Grim Reaper.

What an amazing family to live with!

The Goblin Kdrama was popular for many reasons. The Kdrama had a steller and an exceptional cast. The main cast starred Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun, Yoo In ah, and Yook Seong Jae.

The story, the OST, the acting, the visuals, everything was so appealing. There was not a single monotonous line or scene. The comedy scenes were really well done along with certain ad-libs.

It was interesting to see the romance between both the couples and it turns out that Sunny is Goblin’s reincarnated sister.

Does Goblin Kdrama have a happy ending?

Thankfully, Goblin does have a happy ending. After many lives of reunion, Kim Shin and Eun Tak have a reunion.

Even the Grim Reaper and Sunny meet again in a new life. Fans would have shed tears of blood, had the producers or directors didn’t give a happy ending to this wonderful and beautiful Kdrama.

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Is Goblin and guardian the same? Yes, both dramas are the same. The Goblin is popularly known as the Guardian as well.

Does Ji Eun Tak die?

Unfortunately, she dies in the end. She sacrifices herself to protect others. But fret not, the drama has a happy ending.

Is Deok Hwa God?

In major floating theories, his role was really exciting. God did inhabit Deok Hwa’s body. Yook Sung Jae did a phenomenal job to portray a spoiled character, but at the same time, a mysterious God plotting and monitoring Kim Shin. 

Does Goblin die at the end?

It’s a difficult question. But yes, the Goblin dies and gets stuck in a desert of sorts but lo and behold! He comes back to life! 

Why did the Grim Reaper cry in Goblin?

When the Grim Reaper and Sunny made a connection, he had a glimpse of his former life and he felt that Sunny was his reincarnated love. He did wrong to her in the previous life, but all his memories were gone.

The grim reaper was also serving a punishment like the Goblin. He cried seeing her portrait when he didn’t know it was her past lover. Sunny and the Grim Reaper were one true couple!

The Goblin Kdrama was quite popular when it aired. The show was a mix of supernatural and mystery drama with mild romance and amazing visual made fans go really crazy about this drama.

The cinematography was by far exceptionally good. However, there were certain unsettling aspects of the drama that made it quite controversial. The female lead Eun Tak was a high schooler and the Goblin, Kim Sin was 934 years old, albeit looking young like a man in his middle age.

But the age difference was quite unusual. Even though it’s fictional, and not based on reality or true events, fans or the netizens didn’t take the drama so kindly. The plot showed a high school girl summoning the goblin when she feels like just by making a wish and blowing the candles, totally unrealistic but so charming.  

This seems like the most romantic plot of the drama, and imagine having a powerful being at the beck of your call, who can make all your wishes come true.

There were some not-so-good points highlighted in the drama. Eun Tak lost her mother at an early age, she was looked down on and nearly abused and harassed by her relatives, they always scorned her and ill-treated her.

The scene where she’s all by herself, praying and celebrating her birthday all alone was quite heartbreaking.

'The Goblin K-drama has some good humor scenes and the bromance was top-notch. The actors and the cast did an amazing job and the CGI was really good. It gave the fans a cinematic and beautiful experience.

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