Goblin Slayer Manga Complete Review

Goblin Slayer Manga is a light novel which is adapted into manga and then into anime series. The author is Kumo Kagyu & is drawn by Noboru Kannatsuki.

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By Akash
Goblin Slayer Manga Complete Review

Goblin Slayer Manga is firstly a light novel which is adapted into manga and then into anime series due to its popularity. The author of this manga is Kumo Kagyu and it is drawn by Noboru Kannatsuki. The anime adaptation of this series started from October 2018. Goblin Slayer Manga is mainly a fantasy based manga and quite dark too. There are certain moments which are quite gruesome. In the series there are adventurers who set on certain adventures to gain ranks. Based on their achievements their rank grows from beginner to gold or platinum. Based on their rank they can achieve wealth and glory.

Goblin Slayer Manga story starts from a little rookie girl who is a priestess and she wants to go on adventures. She is assigned the lowest rank as she is a rookie. For starting her journey she joins a party which consists of three members. Their first mission is to slay goblins which seems to be quite easy for them to slay.

Until now they thought that goblins were weak creatures. But they were more powerful and witty as they have heard of them. Slowly their whole party gets wiped out. Goblins kill 2 members one is injured and priestess is scared. Their enters Goblin Slayer who slays all the goblins present their without leaving a single goblin to escape. He even wipes the child goblins and rescue all the girls.

If we talk about any other fantasy manga or anime it basically focus on one weak creature and one strong being which can be overpowered too. But Goblin Slayer delivers something new into this genre. Goblin Slayer is one that would be considered as weak or side character if placed in any other manga as he does only slay goblins which are considered to be the weakest.

One can dig into this series if you have taste in unique storylines. It presents something different which is not shown before. Goblins are shown to be quite dangerous even if they are considered weak by others. These green nasty creatures are shown to be quite witty.

Every series of manga contain some flaws in it. This series is no exception there is certain flaws like it is the blend of action as well as Slice of life. The storyline contains originality. Goblin Slayer comes from a weak background and with the passage of time he soon make his into the Adventurers Guild.

Some noticeable flaw is that it looks like studio have created two different kind of manga and mashed them together. Goblin Slayer Manga have not clearly mentioned about insight into Goblin Slayer’s Past which would have been better if they did so. It feels like something is miss in the manga. Goblin Slayer Manga can’t be said to be a perfect manga as it has some flaws. All in All it is an unique which will definitely bound the readers together.