Glass: The Underrated Trilogy

Even after M. Night Shyamalan pulled off one of the most impressive feats of creating his own successful universe, it is incredibly disheartening to see it get pulled under the rug of underrated movies so fast.

samuel l jackson, james mcavoy and bruce willis together

Belief in oneself is contagious. We give each other permission to be superheroes.

The unexpected trilogy that started off with Bruce Willis's Unbreakable was an unexpected but very welcome start to the trilogy. No one would have guessed that the person responsible for Dragon Ball: Evolution and Avatar: The Last Airbender would be able to pull off such craftmanship.

Even after M. Night Shyamalan pulled off one of the most impressive feats of creating his own successful universe, it is incredibly disheartening to see it get pulled under the rug of underrated movies so fast.

Even DC has yet to pull off a proper universe where super people aren't changing personalities or making the same movie again but better due to some reason or another.  

M. Night Shyamalan and his niche for horror

the main protagonist cole sear in a terrified state

The director has had quite a few films under his belt for the horror genre with his most recognizable work being The Sixth Sense. Manoj Nelliyattu "M. Night" Shyamalan is one of the few directors in Hollywood that has slowly and meticulously created his own style of directing such as Edgar Wright or Zack Snyder.

Even with one of his latest movies Old, he managed to create a sense of impending doom utilizing only the element of time. It is needless to say that Split, the second film within the Unbreakable trilogy also utilizes horror to a great degree as the nature of the antagonist provides such freedom of what style of horror can be lent for the movie to be entertaining without seeming too far-fetched.

Trilogy born with legendary actors

main  leads presented in different color backgrounds

Many have come to know the actors that make up the Unbreakable trilogy have made quite a name for themselves in Hollywood as many have come to recognize James McAvoy through his roles in Wanted and the X-men franchise while Bruce Willis is well-known for his Die Hard films, not to forget about Samuel L. Jackson who is known for his role in Pulp Fiction, Star Wars,  and Marvel movies.

Even with the three legendary actors present for the third film in the trilogy, James McAvoy still carries the majority of the film as his characters allow the most versatility.      

Realistic brutality for superhumans

the beast with cars parked in the background

As modern times have started to take a new approach to superhumans living the morally gray rather than a straightforward black-and-white world. The understanding and the brutality intensify as seen in The Boys and Invincible.

However, the Unbreakable trilogy does not take liberties of making their protagonists unnecessarily strong. David Dunn can bend metal and can tank a lot of damage, yet the movie does not show him punching through his enemies with a bloody fist. The Beast is canonically a cannibal, yet M. Night Shyamalan keeps the gore to a minimum.

However, their deaths and kills are nothing short of disturbing. As we witness David getting drowned in a puddle of water, we can see the struggle of a helpless old man trying his best to get a hint of air in his lungs, it is more than enough to get the brutality of the scene across to the viewers without the use of any blood or gore.  

The perfect setup for future installments

M. Night Shayamalan directing inside a marketplace

The best part about the trilogy is that Glass leaves the climax of the film with the perfect setup for future films branching off from the Unbreakable trilogy. A secret organization that is insinuated to have existed throughout history attempting to eradicate any hint of the existence of superhumans within society is a great concept that has yet to be explored within superhero or supernatural movies.

M. Night Shayamalan has created a near perfect trilogy with all three films not only being connected, but also being their own film that can be watched without watching any of its predecessors.  

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