Given: What Is The Relationship b\w Mafuyu And Ritsuka?

Mafuyu and Ritsuka got to know each other through music only and they harbored a deep intimacy with music among each other. This relationship was beautiful and anime watchers could not resist seeing how they nurtured each other’s feelings into something so peaceful and beautiful.

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‘Given’ is a yaoi anime that has massive numbers of fans admiring Ritsuka and Mafuyu. Fans have given them the name ‘Mafuyama’ which is the most popular ‘Given’ ship. We will see how Ritsuka will help Mafuyu to improve his mental state and emotions. It is a well-known ship that got famous right after its anime adaptation.  

Mafuyu and Ritsuka got to know each other through music only and they harboured a deep intimacy with music among each other. This relationship was beautiful and anime watchers could not resist seeing how they nurtured each other’s feelings into something so peaceful and beautiful.

How Did Mafuyu And Ritsuka Meet?

Ritsuka and Mafuyu playing a red guitar

Mafuyu and Ritsuka are both from the same high school. Ritsuka is a member of a band that plays rock music in bars and clubs. They have three members including Ritsuka, Haruki and Akihiko.

Ritsuka usually went to sleep at a stairway and one day he found Mafuyu sitting with his broken guitar. Ritsuka was surprised to see how Mafuyu was keeping his broken guitar and that too was very expensive. They both didn't speak at first but Mafuyu asked him if he could repair his guitar string. After Mafuyu helped him, Ritsuka played a tune with the guitar and Mafuyu was impressed and asked Ritsuka with dazzling eyes to teach him the guitar.

Ritsuka found him uneasy at first so he declined his offer and instead he asked Mafuyu to join the light music club. However, it was quite difficult for Ritsuka to resist his lost puppy eyes whenever Mafuyu asked him. But he said that he could attend his band sessions if Mafuyu wished to.

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Later, they both end up going together and when bandmates got to know that Mafuyu was here to see them play they got super excited and showed their coolest side. When Mafuyu saw the session he was amazed and asked if he could come and watch again, but Ritsuka refused again. Looking at the main thing while they started playing before Mafuyu, Ritsuka was the hypest one. When Ritsuka heard that from Akihiko he realized this was somehow impossible as he last felt that way a long time ago.

The next day in school when Ritsuka did not find Mafuyu there he got curious and angry at the same time. They both usually meet there for their guitar learning session. For the whole day, Ritsuka did not see Mafuyu and when he went to his band he was surprised when he saw him there.

While Ritsuka waited for a few days for Mafuyu to show up he wished for himself if he could have those eyes the same as Mafuyu whenever he heard of music. Those eyes of enthusiasm and such passionate eyes that Ritsuka once had when he started to learn music.

Romance With Music

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Mafuyu was adamant that he wanted to watch the band’s practice session. The band members did not feel any reason to stop him from coming as Mafuyu always showed up.

During their learning session, Ritsuka was teaching Mafuyu, Ritsuka asked Mafuyu what kind of music he listened to or what his favourite song was. Hearing his question, Mafuyu got confused and said he doesn't have any favourite song. But he kind of played a tune in his mind that he wasn't aware of.  

When Mafuyu sang that tune in his beautiful voice, Ritsuka was deeply moved upon hearing that. He asked Mafuyu to join his band as a vocalist, but he rejected him.

Ritsuka told his band members that he wanted Mafuyu to join the band. The members told him that if he is good enough then it’s his responsibility to make Mafuyu join the group.

However, Mafuyu kept on declining the offer due to some reason. Ritsuka found it very mysterious as he heard a rumour about him from a classmate that when Mafuyu was in middle school he dated a guy. Ritsuka got curious when he heard that his boyfriend attempted suicide and it was because of Mafuyu.

Their Accomplishment In Love and Music

Ritsuka kissed Mafuyu

As Mafuyu was a shy boy who had difficulty in expressing his emotions and often stayed quiet he never mentioned anything related to his past to Ritsuka.

When Ritsuka heard that Mafuyu was not good at expressing himself he hugged him and said it was not true. After convincing Mafuyu he agreed on joining the band and they all decided to save up some money for instruments. Mafuyu also took up a part-time job at a bar.

On Mafuyu’s first day at his part-time job, Ritsuka decided to pick him up when he saw a boy calling Mafuyu. Later he saw Mafuyu was being very sad and asked him to open up about anything he wanted to.

Ritsuka soon learned that Mafuyu was in a relationship with a boy, Yuki and he was jealous and realized that his feelings for Mafuyu were true. However, they spent time together and many intense moments showed their love for each other.

Mafuyu singing at the band's performance

Ritsuka started composing a song for Mafuyu based on the tune he played. Mafuyu blushed and suddenly his puppy eyes appeared when he heard that. Ritsuka usually liked his cuteness so much that it made him fall in love with Mafuyu.

After getting a gig for their performance the members asked Mafuyu to write the song as others had completed their part. Mafuyu did not complete his song for the gig and so the band decided to play only rock music.

When they started playing, Mafuyu sang his heart out in such a beautiful and heart throbbing voice, lyrics written only from his heart's deep emotions. Everyone was moved by hearing the song and when he was singing it was like he was expressing his grief for his ex-boyfriend. Mafuyu was very glad that he was able to express himself more openly through songs and music.

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After they finished the song, Ritsuka took Mafuyu backstage and he kissed him. Mafuyu was shocked and he realizes that he has now fallen in love with him. Soon they both started dating. Mafuyu was glad that he met Ritsuka. After their astonishing performance, they were offered to perform again.

In the movie, they even applied to a music event where only famous bands perform. In all three rounds, they got selected and they gave their band’s name “Given” which was suggested by Mafuyu. He gave this name based on his ex’s guitar that was given to him by Yuki’s mother.

‘Given’ is a sweet anime with grief and sweet romance. We see how Ritsuka and Mafuyu fell in love with each other in such an intense way. This anime has gained massive fans worldwide with its great romantic plot. Not only focusing on romance but struggles as well.

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