Getting to Know the Evergreen Shinichi Kudo 2 Decades later

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Getting to Know the Evergreen Shinichi Kudo 2 Decades later

I am currently enjoying late 90s anime a lot. Great Teacher Onizuka was the last anime from this era that I had watched. I really enjoyed it.

So Detective Conan was an anime about Shinichi Kudo that I stumbled upon. I mean this name was subconsciously in my mind for some reason so I decided to look it up. It came out to be an anime from 1996.

But it was 1996 to the present. One Piece was the only anime that came close to this much consistency. And I totally love One Piece.

So I gave it a go a few weeks back. In very short, I really like it… enjoy it.

There are 996 episodes of Detective Conan which is about Shinichi Kudo as of writing this and I’m writing this initial praise of the show after watching only 40 episodes. 

Shinichi Kudo detective conan
Getting to know the Evergreen Shinichi Kudo 2 decades later


So my sort of review is very short-sighted, but I want people, new younger people to know about Shinichi Kudo aka Detective Conan, and give it a try.

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My thoughts on Shinichi Kudo

As the name suggests it’s a mystery anime. It revolves around the protagonist Shinichi Kudo who is a very famous detective in east Japan even if he is just a high schooler. His other attributes include being very good at football and his knowledge of mystery novels.

He has already helped the police in solving the toughest of cases and now is no short of a celebrity. His life as a detective and in general was going without any hurdles until one day he found himself in an unwanted situation. Here 2 men in black suits knocked him out col and then drugged him. When he was conscious again he found his body to be shrunk or better he had gotten younger into a kid. The drug was meant to be lethal but it had an unprecedented effect on him.

Now he needs to find those 2 men so he can learn about the drug but at the same time, he needs to hide his identity. If the news would break that he is in fact alive then it would alert those men in black who’d come after his life.

So he sorts of is living with a stupid Detective Kogoru Mohri whose daughter(Ran) was in the same class as Shinichi Kudo. Now he faked his name as  Conan Edogawa and makes Mohri famous by helping him solve the cases that may eventually lead him to the men who drugged him.

Till now, there have been cases after cases every episode and they are indeed very interesting. Like very very interesting and I am always looking forward to the next cases.

The overall story has not progressed, it’s just been new and original cases with humor here and there. I don’t know what will happen next but up until now, it’s one of the best animes I’ve ever seen story-wise.

The animation for anime from 1996 is as expected that is not so good by current standards. Let it not be the deciding factor for you as there are a lot of other things to like about it. The characters are amazing, the new cases they come up with are so cool. For now, I will continue to watch it and I hope you start to too.