Gamer Manhwa: Abilities That Everyone Desires!

Gamer Manhwa is one of the best manhwa that I have read so far. The protagonist of the this manhwa is Han Jihan.

Gamer Manhwa: Abilities That Everyone Desires!

Gamer Manhwa is one of the best manhwa that i read so far. The abilities that is displayed by Han Jihan the main protagonist is something that everyone desires. The ability is gaming ability just like in games one player kills an opponent and gains exp and gain new skills. The overpowered ability to say so.

Gamer Manhwa is a South Korean Manhwa published by Naver Webtoon. His ability also enables to see others ability and bio in the form of a pop up window which is very fun to watch.

For gaining more power he steps into abyss which created by Gaia, the god who created the whole universe in this manga. Abyss is the only place where unique people with abilities can showcase their powers.

System Of The Gamer Ability?

Gamer Manhwa main protagonist Han Jihan one day got the ability of the gamer. The system of the games is followed by him just like games he can get exp by doing quests he can level up physically and mentally too. He can gain new skills in addition to it. He is the overpowered character to sum up the ability.

By using his ability he gains points which he can assign to increase his STR(strengh), INT(wisdom) and like that many other things like agility. There is also magic resistance and heat resistance works too in the manhwa. It is not set to 100% which will spoil the whole mood of the manhwa.

Harem King Vs Jihan

It is the most important question that we ask after watching the series that who will win Harem king or Jihan in comparison of their power level. The exact abilities of Harem king is not mentioned until or disclosed but is known that even if 10 most powerful guilds come together there is still a chance if they will be able to defeat the Harem king.

The question of who will win in the fight if they fought is it is still nit clear that who will win as Jihan is able to become more powerful in the future. He is also overpowered character. On the other hand if we talk about Harem King he can defeat Jihan or not is still a mystery.

Until now Goddess Lifearch have given Harem King a responsibility to protect Jihan. In the series until now he is shown with a red aura as well as blue eyes.

Gamer Manhwa is one of those manhwas which keep readers anticipated of what will happen next in the story. His ability to create Golems is a unique ability which another manhwas have also copied. He is able to create golems and sell them too to other guilds. It creates a harmonious relationship between the two parties.

Jiham can also enslave someone which have done in the recent chapters which tells us again and again that he is the overpowered character. He can also manipulate space and create such techniques like Black hole which can distort the whole space! Which is quite terrifying. He can become invisible.

Gamer Manhwa characters in the chapters is also compelling as they have proper character buildup unlike other manhwas where they are shown from the side. Jiham can share techniques with his friends. Bt doing this he also increase the powers of his friends.

Gamer Manhwa is one of the best one should read. We all wish to have such abilities.