Top 10 Funniest Moments In One Piece

One Piece tells an epic story, but it's also chock-full of absolutely humorous moments that will have any fan laughing out loud.

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One Piece is one of the most popular anime series in recent memory. It's also one of the most popular Shonen Battle anime franchises in the world, if not the most popular! One Piece almost always comes out on top in any survey of "the most popular animes/ mangas" of any given year.

The epic battles that take place in practically every chapter/episode are a big part of the franchise's popularity.

One of the main reasons that One Piece is still so successful is its off-brand sense of humour. Today, we'll take a look at ten of the franchise's most hilarious moments. Land-lovers, beware: there are spoilers ahead.

10. Poor Sandora Dragon

Joseph Stalin once declared something along the lines of "Quantity has a quality all its own", solidifying his reputation as one of history's worst tyrants.

Luffy has proven to be a proponent of this school of thought, as he usually wins most battles by force-feeding his opponents a feast of knuckle sandwiches.

We understand why Luffy acts like this most of the time; he's generally fighting powerful sociopaths who have attacked his buddies or innocent bystanders.

Even Usopp believes Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji went too far in their fight against the Sandora Dragon. This massive reptile was jumped by three of the series' strongest warriors - talk about overkill!

9. "Hey, You Guys! Don't Kill Kaya!"

Luffy isn't the brightest bulb on the tree, it's no secret. Straw Hat isn't great at being discreet or concealing secrets either; everything that comes to mind in his head spews out of his tongue, unfiltered.

That's why it's no surprise that Luffy nearly murdered himself and Usopp during the Super Rookies period! Luffy breaks Usopp's and his cover with this humorous comment while eavesdropping on Kuro and Jango.

Monkey D appears to be the commander of both obliviousness and the Thousand Sunny (RIP Going Merry!)

8. Boa Hancock's Crush On Luffy

Monkey D Luffy, like Goku and even Naruto to some extent, only understands how to do two things exceptionally well: fight and eat.

Luffy isn't as intelligent or socially aware as the typical individual. Luffy had no idea when he met Boa Hancock, a woman known for her beauty, that she developed a crush on him.

Hancock, on the other hand, is so enamored with Luffy that she can't think straight!

Her funniest moments are when she fantasizes about Straw Hat and fights Namie and Robin! Only time will tell if Luffy feels the same way.

7. When Luffy Met Brook

We provide this gem as we go forward towards the New World era. Later in the series, Soul King Brook becomes one of the new allies who join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Brook is also a walking, talking, and singing skeleton, somewhat dissimilar to Jack Skellington, come to think of it.

Luffy, as previously said, lacks any form of filter. We had anticipated him saying something hysterical the first time he saw Brook.

But when he questioned the skeleton, "Do you poop?" we were laughing so hard we thought we were Brook.

6. Busting Buggy's Balls

In previous tale arcs, the Straw Hat Pirates have been pitted against incredibly powerful adversaries, up to and including deities!

Luffy and his friends used to fight more grounded opponents in the early days of One Piece. Take, for example, Buggy the Clown, who can divide his body into pieces but isn't a Crocodile or a Katakuri.

Still, back in the day, this mad clown came close to killing Nami - and would have succeeded if Luffy hadn't nut-checked him!

Buggy lost the fight because he failed to protect the family jewels, of all the ways to lose a fight. We're shocked the Clown didn't start walking with a limp after that.

5. Afro Luffy vs. Foxy

We've got another entry inspired by Luffy's cosplaying tendencies, and it's all about playing dress-up.

One Piece has a long history of suspenseful, jaw-dropping confrontations. However, there are plenty of silly battles in the series to balance things up.

Take, for example, the fight between Monkey D and Foxy. The expression on Luffy's face, as well as his attire, tells it all.

Luffy dons boxing gear after hearing about "Afro Power" from Usopp and attempts to spar with Foxy. All bets are off as the Foxy Face Bombs start flying!

4. The Pacifista Argument

The rivalry between Zoro and Sanji is on the other extreme of the spectrum. Zoro and Sanji have always sought to outdo each other since the beginning.

And if they ever faced off against the same opponent, they'd always dispute about who did a better job of defeating it.

The Pacifista debate exemplifies exactly what we're talking about: two grown men fighting like a couple of schoolboys over who fought better!

The disputes between Zoro and Sanji aren't really mature, but they're certainly fun to watch.

3. Luffy's Centaur Cosplay

Luffy's childish curiosity is a huge component of his appeal. Most of us lose touch with that aspect of ourselves as we grow older, but Luffy appears to stay eternally young.

That also implies Luffy will most likely continue to pull antics like this for the rest of his life.

For example, the man strapped the legs of a miserable bloke to his torso and pretended to be a centaur!

Thankfully, the legs, like Buggy, could be stitched back onto their owner. Luffy, on the other hand, should be cautious the next time he goes cosplaying.

2. Chopper's Bounty

We've previously discussed the highest bounties in the One Piece universe. Have you ever considered who has the lowest score?

While there's always the possibility that Eiichiro Oda will introduce other characters in the future, we know for now that Tony Tony Chopper has the lowest bounty.

It used to be 50 Bellies, but now it's up to 100. What a significant difference! Maybe Chopper's bounty will increase to 150 Bellies next year!

1. Luffy's Imitations

Luffy is a sensitive soul as well as a ferocious fighter, therefore he's prone to wearing his emotions on his sleeve, which indicates that you're close to them. If he's mad at you, he'll tell you by pummeling you senseless.

He will, however, express tenderness if he loves you. Even if it involves a little ribbing on you.

Luffy can physically emulate his buddies to a degree because of his rubber powers. His eccentric attitude, on the other hand, is what makes his impersonations so accurate.

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