7 Funniest Gintama Parodies That Had Us Rolling

Which famous Parody episodes in Gintama had us LOL with popular pop culture references?

Gintama Cast

No other anime compares to Gintama when it comes to pop culture references and making parodies out of everything.

Here are ten parodies that we think are unbeatable!

7. Doraemon


Many of us grew up with Doraemon and its opening theme song is stuck in our heads for the longest time. All you need is a nudge to make someone start singing the tune.

In Episode 272, Gintoki goes to pee alone at night. To stop himself from being scared, he sings the Doraemon song in a hilarious voice.

6. Will Smith

Will smith in Gintama

Gintama did it before it was cool. A decade before the slap controversy, the Joi rebel Katsura had shown up in Episode 165 with the face of the American actor Will Smith.

This episode is surprisingly very appropriate for the pandemic today. An influenza-type virus had bedridden all the characters, which is why Katsura called himself Ill Smith.

5. Dragon Ball

Kagura, Shinpachi & Gintoki
Kagura, Shinpachi & Gintoki

As possibly the most ubiquitous name in the anime fandom, the Dragon Ball series has found itself parodied numerous times in Gintama.

In Episode 119, Hijikata goes on a space trip and lands on Hamek, which parodies the planet Namek. He then learns about the evil Brieza, which parodies Freiza. Hijikata further embarks on a quest to retrieve seven slippery balls, a parody of dragon balls themselves.

4. Saw

Toushiro & Okita
Toushiro & Okita

Saw is a psychological thriller directed by James Wan where two men are chained to pipes at either end of a bathroom and are instructed to kill each other.

Gintama parodies Saw in Episode 148. Sougo and Hijikata find themselves in a similar situation. They are instructed by a man on TV to find the key that unlocks their chains, or he will blow up the Shinsengumi headquarters.

3.My Neighbour Totoro

Ghibli parody

Ghibli movies won't be spared either. In Episode 46, Gintama turns My Neighbour Totoro, an anime centring two sisters who encounter a giant bunny-like spirit, into My Neighbour Pedoro.

Instead of an adorable bunny, we find a giant police office with only his underwear on called Pedoro.


Naruto parody

There are more Naruto references in Gintama than you could count on your fingers.

Our favourite is when in Episode 25 Gintoki says Itachi's famous lines:

That's a good attitude. You should hate me more, curse me and detest me! Then you should take the power of that hatred and use it to survive this rotten world.

We also love Episode 209 when Shinpachi's infected eye looks like a Sharingan.

1. Slumdog Millionaire

Hasegawa Taizou in Gintama Millionaire version
Hasegawa Taizou in Gintama Millionaire version

Academy Award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire gets its parody in episode 248!

Here, the show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire becomes Who Wants to Be a Madaonaire. Hasegawa Taizou, better known as Madao (middle-aged dumb-ass oldie) takes the quiz.

He's one question away from becoming a Madaonaire — why did he choose to continue?

And the options are because a) he wears sunglasses b) he has no job c) this show is rigged c) he is Madao.

We have a question for you too! Which parody do you think is worth a Madaonaire?

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