10 Funny Moments In Anime History

In a world full of action, psychological and thriller anime, funny moments are often the deal-breaker for people choosing a new series nowadays.

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In a world full of action, psychological and thriller anime, funny moments are often the deal-breaker for people choosing a new series nowadays. We’ll be going through the top comedic moments that have graced our screens since the beginning of anime. With the sheer amount of shows that is available out there, we cannot include them all, therefore this is a list based on popular or mainstream shows that are known worldwide.

1. One Punch Man

saitama punching his opponent

Saitama is a simple man, who is a hero for fun. But the world around him is filled with overly enthusiastic people who want to prove themselves as the best. Saitama is just - Bored! What he craves is a challenge.

This challenge does come in the form of the ninja Speed of Sound Sonic. Sonic makes him his rival and keeps challenging him to duels. In one such duel, our hero just puts out his hand to checkmate his opponent.

This proves to be disastrous for Sonic as the punch lands on Sonic’s groin rather than on him. While quivering Sonic tells Saitama that he will come back after training and defeat him. But, alas!

2. Konosuba

darkness dancing

Darkness is one of the party members of Kazuma Sato. Though she appears to be full of pride at the start. She is also a noble from the Dustiness House. In reality, she is a complete pervert.

She has plenty of masochistic urges which forces her to commit her life in various dangerous situations. It actually is a running gag that she cannot control her masochistic urges. She starts with offering herself as a shield to protect the party members.

One of the more funny moments comes when Darkness reveals that she wants to get captured by the Demon King and get physically tortured.

3. Cautious Hero

seiya giving a victory sign

Seiya Ryuuguuin is a summoned hero from another world. He is summoned by Ristarte to help her save a world so that she can upgrade her status as a goddess. Seiya though is an overly cautious person.

He chooses to be sure about every aspect of his mission before going out to the next part. This involves him choosing to not start a mission, and continue to train until he is as strong as a god.

During one such mission, Seiya is to save a village as part of his mission. Seiya defeats the demon and then what proceeds is an unprecedented inferno. The scene depicts the hero resorting to extreme violence.

4. Gintama

 Gintoki and Hijikata playing with the leg of a dead body

Gintoki might be the most chaotic character ever. Gintoki Sakata is the founder of the Yorozuya shop and as well as a samurai. The samurai is lazy and good for nothing, at least he appears to be.

So there are bound to be funny moments and there are plenty of them throughout the series. One of them is when Gintoki visits a funeral of a restaurant owner along with Hijikata and his party.

This is when Gintoki and Hijikata see the ghost of the owner rise from the casket. What ensues is utter confusion and madness. Then becomes involved the wife of the deceased, with plenty of kicking and throwing around, the scene is the epitome of funny.

5. Daily Life of High School Boys

hidenori sitting on a riverbank

Daily life of high school boys is one of my personal favourites. The show runs a riot throughout as it goes through the life of 3 normal guys, as they wade through the various difficulties of their life.

From being caught cross-dressing, to ending up in a debate with their Principal. Perhaps the funniest moment of the series is the introduction of the literary girl.

As Hidenori is on a riverbank a girl sits beside him, as they start to discuss things that seem too poetic? The harsh reality though is, the girl is just someone who is writing a novel and sees Hidenori as a character in the story.

The whole incident is full of vague discussions from the wind to the talks of being parted away. The awkwardness of the whole scenario makes it a must-watch.

6. Grand Blue

Iori Kitahara with other boys of the characters

Another one of my personal favorites. Grand Blue uncovers the story of Iori Kitahara and Kohei Imamura as they go through college. While Iori is a pretty normal guy coming to attend the university, Kohei is a person who wanted a fan club of high school girls for himself.

The disappointment he faces when he realizes that no such thing exists is unfathomable. Both the guys, end up joining a swim club. A club filled with people who love their parties and love their beer even more.

If you have had enough, a delightfully refreshing Oolong tea is sent your way ( it’s just slightly flammable). Or better yet a fresh glass of water ( surprise, flammable again).

7. One Piece

luffy and zoro using an axe

One Piece covers the story of our beloved baka Monkey D Luffy as he travels the seas to be the next Pirate King and goes in the search of the treasure left behind by the last pirate king. Along the way, he makes up his crew.

The first one of them is our vice-captain Roronoa Zoro. Zoro, the first mate of the ship. The definition of loyalty, Zoro is always ready to help Luffy out if he ever needs help. In one such moment, Luffy has his finger stuck inside a glass bottle and could not get it out all that he may try.

Steps forward, our vice-captain. Zoro brings out his katana so he can cut in one fell swoop it all. The bottle and the finger and everything. Seeing how, ahem, helpful Zoro was going to be Luffy’s finger scares itself out of the bottle.

8. Naruto

sakura beating up naruto in front of sai

Team 7 has been famous in Konoha. Various legendary figures, past Hokage and Sannins have all belonged to this team. When Sasuke left the village, his vacant position was taken up by Sai.

Sai is an awkward person in himself as he has never been around people. To get a better grip at talking to people and being warmer towards them, he adopts the policy to give them a name regarding their traits or what they most resemble.

Sai soon encounters his teammate Sakura. On meeting her he greets her normally and when giving her a nickname he calls her ugly. This triggers Sakura and while Sai stands clueless there, Naruto gets beaten up in turn.

A little later, they all are sitting in a restaurant. When Ino, Sakura’s childhood rival enters the shop, Sai calls her gorgeous, which makes her blush. While Sakura on the side, who was hoping that Sai would cause her a burn by the remark same way, is herself struck twice.

9. Jujutsu Kaisen

gojo thinking highly of himself

The trio of Yuji Itadori, Nobara and Fushiguro is one of the best out of the currently remaining animes. Throw in a super-strong sensei in the form of Gojou Satoru.

With Nobara and Yuji being always in a rush of adrenaline and Fushiguro seriously lacking it, many weird situations arise. One of the funniest scenes in the anime is when Yuji breaks it down to a lazing Nobara and Gojou that Fushiguro is being hit on.

All of them then set out to save Fushiguro so he is not troubled by the woman. Initiating Formation B, the three head out. While Yuji and Nobara take the approach of being Fushiguro’s lovers the moment truly belongs to Gojou.

Cue music and Sensei walks in as the pianist teacher, who has to give Fushiguro private lessons to better his training. In the meantime, Fushiguro sends off the lady, to whom he was just telling directions.

10. Full Metal Panic

Sousuke fighting with the first brother

Sousuke Sagara is a military man. Being undercover at a school, he comes across various instances where he gets confused about the approach that he should take.

It is most evident when he visits the Dojo Club which is headed by three triplet brothers. Sousuke wants them to hand over their club, but they refuse, challenging Sousuke to a duel, where if he wins he gets the Dojo, otherwise the triplets get Kaname Chidori, who is accompanying Sousuke, as their receptionist. Sousuke agrees.

Round 1. Going against the first brother, Sousuke brings out a pellet gun, knocking him out and claiming victory. When shouted upon by the rest that he cannot use arms in a duel, he agrees for a second round.

Round 2. Sousuke brings out a fire extinguisher. Completely dominates the second brother he wins again, and again the other complaint that he cannot use anything else but just himself in a duel.

Round 3. Sousuke uses a grenade. But just as a distraction as the pin was not pulled out and knocked the third brother out with his fists. The scene is utter chaos.

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