Funimation Has Announced Two Additional Demon Slayers Specials

The two new Demon Slayer Specials are finally available for streaming on Funimation

Funimation Has Announced Two Additional Demon Slayers Specials
Demon Slayer Official Art

Funimation has just announced two more Demon Slayer Specials with even more footage.

Demon Slayer is without a doubt one of the biggest anime franchises out right now. The Franchise is so huge that the latest Demon Slayer Movie, Mugen Train, broke all box office records held by any previous anime movie. And now, a new, special Demon Slayer Montage has been released to summarize all the events of the first season.

Three specials, Sibling's Bond, Mt. Natagumo, and Hashira Meeting, were already released last year with additional footage. But now, with the new release of the two new specials, the first three recompilations are also getting a refresh with even more footage. And the two new specials, covering the Asakusa and Tsuzumi Mansion arcs have also been released with even more unseen footage.

So if you were lacking Demon Slayer in your life, and were having trouble waiting for the new Demon Slayer Movie. Or even feeling that you are not getting enough of Demon Slayer before the release of the next Demon Slayer Movie, Yuukaku-hen, then these five specials have exactly what you want.

The five new specials have already been broadcasted live on Fuji TV in Japan last week. But now finally, Funimation is bringing Demon Slayer back to the west with even more footage.