Fruits Basket: Tohru Honda Says Hi to Kindness!!

Fruits Basket: Tohru Honda Says Hi to Kindness!!

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Tohru Honda is the protagonist of Fruits Basket.  Fruits Basket is an old anime that was initially made in 2001, adapted from an anime.  In 2019 Fruits Basket was released again as a remake and that’s when I got to know about it and so came the wonderful Tohru Honda in life.

Fruits Basket | Introduction

To simply state, it is the most heartwarming anime I have ever seen in my life.

Say Hi to the Lovely Tohru Honda
Tohru Honda and Kyo Sohma

Not only anime but also one of the most heartwarming, something that made me feel life,  love, embarrassment, kindness,  get over my disappointments and in general, helped with my life from any form of media I have ever consumed. 

I have recommended or mentioned Fruits Basket in every conversation I have had since I came to know about anime. 

Right now it’s down 2 seasons and there is at least one more season to come.

Who is Tohru Honda?

Fruits Basket is a character-driven anime.

The whole plot and everything depend upon character conversations, their personalities, the development over time, all the past experiences are taken into account. But there is a catch to all of this. 

You see, the anime revolves around a family called the Sohma family, and select a few of them have been cursed by being the zodiac signs.

That means they get turned into an animal of their respected zodiac if they get too overwhelmed or are hugged by a person of the opposite gender.

So the Sohmas need to keep this a secret and not even everyone in the family is entrusted with this secret. 

Tohru Honda is not a zodiac sign and is not even part of the Sohmas as her name is Honda.

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But as the anime starts, along with her, we come to know about the whole Sohma zodiac situation when she accidentally hugs a male member and he turns into and cat. 

As anyone in this situation would lose their mind and get scared, so generally the Sohmas erase the memory of this ever happening. But Tohru Honda was not scared, in fact, the exact opposite. 

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The member she accidentally touched her body against was Kyo Sohma.

Kyos zodiac sign is the cat. And the cat is the most hated of the zodiacs amongst Sohmas for reasons I cannot state because it being a spoiler. 

The odds of Tohru Honda not liking the zodiacs plus the zodiac being the most hated of them all was sky-high. But from this very moment, we come to know who Tohru Honda is.

She accepted the transformation and tried to not process all that had happened but just live in the moment and said to Kyo who is now a cat that how cute he was. 

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So the decision was made that Tohru Honda’s memory will not be erased and she swore to not tell anyone about the sacred zodiac transformations.

From here on we start to see how amazingly perfected flawed our main girl Tohru Honda is.

Even if you have not seen the anime or even for me who doesn’t even know the whole story.

Even After leaving aside all of this, there are just so many angles and scenarios in which we can see the characters of Fruits Basket and Tohru Honda shines first and keeps on shining every time I see her. 

All this transformation happened outside of the soma empire in a small house where Kyo Sohma lives with Yuki Sohma and Shigure Sohma.

Shigure Sohma being an adult decided of talking with the Sohma family head of letting Tohru Honda keep the secret.

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